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As I write this guide on the best Asian dating sites, I write it as someone who knows the subject very well. I found my soulmate through online dating, and I also married an Asian woman. So, not only do I know the best Asian dating sites, but I also know quite a bit about Asian dating in general. (SEE MY GUIDE TO ASIAN DATING)

There are many Asian dating sites. In fact, more are popping up all of the time. However, in my opinion, there are only a few that truly warrant a mention on my list of best Asian dating sites. These sites are high in quality and they offer a wealth of opportunities to meet people who you’re truly compatible with.

The Top 14 Best Asian Dating Sites

best Asian dating sites


Yes, I know, eHarmony is not specifically an Asian dating site. However, it doesn’t matter because EHarmony has members from all over the world. EHarmony covers over 190 countries! (READ MY EHARMONY REVIEW)

In fact, I meet my wife using eHarmony when she was living in the Philippines. I also know other people that have found their Asian match using eHarmony.

In my opinion, eHarmony is absolutely the best dating site to find your perfect match anywhere in the world. In fact, they boast that four percent of the marriages in the United States come from eHarmony! No other dating site has a matching system like eHarmony.

Plus, I love the security built into eHarmony which some sites simply do not have.

If done correctly, using eHarmony can help you to find your perfect Asian match.

Unlike eHarmony and Match, is a niche dating site and focusing specifically on helping its members find Asian matches. (READ MY ASIANDATING.COM REVIEW)

With over 2.5 million members, there is a good pool of users to possibly help you find a match.

The matching system used on is not nearly as good as eHarmony. You will need to make sure you refine your searches to ensure that you are searching for those who you are compatible with.

All in all, if your goal is to find an Asian match, is one of the best Asian dating sites for this purpose.

Another niche Asian dating site is This Asian dating site is even more targeted as it specifically allows people to find Japanese matches.

This site has far fewer users than other dating sites with just over 700,000 members.

Even so, if you’re looking to find a Japanese man or woman, this site may be just what you’re looking for.

For those looking to find Chinese matches, is a great niche dating site.

With over 1 million members, there should be no problem locating good matches.

While eHarmony and are still my top picks for finding singles from all over the world, if you want to focus only on China, this Asian dating site could work for you.

Are you looking to find an Indonesian match? If so, then could be the best dating site for you.

This site made it to our best Asian dating sites’ list because it has over 1 million members, and it is run by a reputable company.

The matching and browsing system is not as good as eHarmony or Match, but, if you do things correctly, you may be able to locate the perfect Indonesian match for you!

The number of people looking for Filipino singles is growing. This is one of the reasons why has become one of the top dating sites for those looking for matches from the Philippines. has a very large user base of over 3.5 million members. This means you will have a much easier time at finding your perfect Filipino match.

While I cannot say this site is as good as eHarmony or Match at finding Asian matches, I can say that this site has done a good job at creating a dating platform to find Filipino singles.

Here is a niche dating site for those looking for singles in Hong Kong.

Very little is known about the number of members on this site. It’s on this best Asian dating sites list because it’s run by a reputable company called Cupid Media.

If you’re looking specifically for singles in Hong Kong, it could not hurt to give this site a try.

Here is another site that we feel should be added to our best Asian dating sites list.

We have added this site because it’s part if the Cupid Media network which is a reputable company that owns over 30 dating sites. is a niche dating site focusing on Malaysian singles. There is not much mentioned about the number of members on so most likely it’s far less than other Asian dating sites.

Even so, the site is run by a reputable company and has some great features that could help you to find your Malaysian match.

Here is a large Asian dating site specifically for those looking to find a Thai match.

With over 1.5 million members, is truly one of the best Asian dating sites to find Thai singles.

The matching and browsing systems are good, but again, not as good as those used on eHarmony or Match.

Are you interested in finding a Korean match? If so, then may be just the Asian dating site for you!

With over 500,000 members, there is a good chance that you will find who you’re looking for.

The Vietnamese dating scene is growing fast. That’s why is a great site if you’re looking for a Vietnamese match. has over 800,000 members so it offers a large database of users. This increases your chances of finding your perfect Vietnamese match.

This is another niche dating site targeting those looking to find Indian singles. does not seem to have a large number of users compared to other Asian dating sites which means that it may be harder to find matches but their interface and profile browsing system is good.

While not on the same level as eHarmony or Match, they’re offering a three-month totally free trial of their platinum membership right now, so it may be a great time to give them a try! There is nothing to lose.



If you’re looking to find matches from India, QuackQuack could be the perfect Asian dating site for you.

With over 4 million users, QuackQuack has a large database of Indian singles.

While not as good as eHarmony or at matching based on compatibility, QuackQuack is very targeted so if you’re interested in finding an Indian match, you may want to give this dating site a try.


Again, like eHarmony, is not geared specifically to Asian dating. Like eHarmony, they have members from all over the world, so you can find Asian men and women on the site as well. (READ MY MATCH REVIEW) has more active members than any other dating site. This is great as it gives you more of a chance to find good matches.

Although is good and has more members, in my opinion it’s not as good as eHarmony. Their matching system is not quite on the same level as eHarmony’s system. However, if you want to be able to browse matches, beats eHarmony in this category.

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