EHarmony Review

As I wrote this eHarmony review, I wanted to be sure that you the reader knew, that I’m a bit biased about eHarmony. It was because of eHarmony that I found my soulmate, the love of my life.

As far as I’m concerned, eHarmony is far and above the best online dating website for anyone looking to find true love and a long-term serious relationship. Their system is truly the best at finding your perfect match IF YOU’RE HONEST ON THEIR QUESTIONNAIRE AND ON YOUR PROFILE.

Now, I don’t say that as someone who hasn’t tried other dating sites because I have. In fact, I have tried many including, Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, and others.

So as you read this eHarmony review, understand that I love eHarmony. It changed my life.

Is EHarmony A Good Dating Site To Find Love?
eharmony review

Name: EHarmony

Description: eHarmony is a unique online dating site that uses 29 Dimensions of Compatibility to match its members. They boast being responsible for approximately four percent of the marriages in the United States. This breaks down to approximately 438 marriages each day. This dating website is focused on long-term relationships, and it is designed for those seeking their soulmate.


Overall Rating

This is my overall rating of each feature of this dating site. I have taken into consideration each of the seven most vital features that make a dating site a good experience or bad experience.

  • Matching System
  • Searching
  • Ease of Use
  • Popularity
  • Profile Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Cost


  • Thorough personality testing
  • Thorough compatibility testing
  • Wealth of diverse users
  • Signup process is fully guided
  • 190 countries are covered
  • Completely personalized
  • Better for serious relationships
  • Matches delivered to you


  • Limited search tools
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Detailed EHarmony Review

Since its birth in 2000, the website has remained unique in how it matches people. While there are thousands of dating websites, none use the same criteria or algorithms as eHarmony.

If you are ready to give this site a try, read through this complete eHarmony review. It’s important to ensure that the features and overall goals of this site match your goals and preferences.

Who Uses EHarmony?

As I compiled this eHarmony review, I first looked at who is on the website to give you a better picture of what type of singles you have access to. There are more than 29 million members with over 16 million active members registered on the website. There are approximately 750,00 paid members. This means that the pool of available matches is very abundant, increasing your chances of finding a match that meets your needs and personal criteria.

The balance of genders on this website is very even. It is estimated that the split between males and females is about 50/50. So, no one gender significantly outnumbers the other. This further increases your chances of finding viable matches on this site.

There is a diverse range of ages registered on this website. The following is an approximate breakdown:

  • Approximately five percent are users are in the 18 to 24 age range
  • Approximately 22 percent of users are in the 25 to 34 age range
  • Approximately 26 percent of users are in the 35 to 44 age range
  • Approximately 24 percent of users are in the 45 to 54 age range
  • Approximately 22 percent of users are in the 55+ age range

The male to female ratio remains mostly even among the various age groups too. This allows those seeking out potential mates close to their age to have a good chance of getting multiple solid matches.

While eHarmony is global, the demographics in this eHarmony review are focused on the United States.

eharmony reviewGetting Started

Now let’s talk about set up and getting logged into the website. The first step is stating whether you are seeking women or men, inputting your zip code and stating your first name. To register, be prepared to provide a password and an email address. Once you are registered and verified, it is time for the questionnaire.

The following can be expected as you complete the questionnaire:

  • Confirm your location, age and other basic information
  • Take your personality test which is conducted using a seven-point scale
  • There are progress bars throughout the process allowing you to see how much more of the questionnaire you need to complete
  • Some questions are open ended, and some have specific answers you can select
  • Upload a minimum of one photo to your profile

Relationship QuestionnaireThe questionnaire will ask you several questions regarding the following:

  • Your beliefs about yourself
  • Your desires and needs
  • Your current state of mind
  • Your physical appearance
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your skills
  • What you put value on in a relationship
  • General information, such as your income, occupation and what you want in a partner
  • How far away from your home eHarmony should search for matches
  • In the compatibility section you will answer a series of questions that describe you

searchOn average, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to finish the questionnaire. BE SURE YOU’RE 100% HONEST ON THE QUESTIONNAIRE. This will help to make sure the matches you receive are good for you. As soon as you finish this, some of your matches are revealed.

TIP: If you’re looking to find your soulmate, on the section of the questionnaire that  asks “How far should we search for your matches?”, be sure to choose ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Remember, you cannot limit where you might find your perfect match, they may be found anywhere!

Now if you’re only looking to get dates, then you can choose whatever distance you want from your home. (If you’re only looking for dates, I would suggest using Match. (READ MY MATCH REVIEW HERE)

eharmony upgradeChance To Upgrade

Before your matches are revealed, eHarmony asks if you would like to upgrade to one of their paid plans. By upgrading you will have many more options than the free plan.

In fact, there is very little you can do with the free plan other than set up your profile and review other profiles. You cannot communicate on the free plan.

You can choose “skip this step” to go to your eHarmony dashboard and start seeing matches and setting up your profile.

You can see more about pricing and plan options below.

Logging In

Let’s discuss the login process. When you want to login, simply enter your password and input the email address that you used to sign up. There are no usernames, so this makes it a bit easier to remember your login information.

eharmony dashboardCommunication and Matches

This is the most exciting part of any dating site is when you’re ready to start communicating with your matches. Your matches are provided to you based on your information on the questionnaire.

Every day, the website will give you approximately 10 matches. However, you have the chance to view 30 more profiles if you opt to play the “What If” game. This game involves simply clicking “What If” and only takes a second. These 30 matches are not as perfect as those provided to you, but you will have enough in common with them to possibly make a connection.

EHarmony Dashboard

When you login and get to your dashboard, which is your home screen, you will get a wealth of information, including:

  • Visitors
  • Photo updates
  • Profile updates

This dashboard typically starts off as mostly blank. As you use the site more and interact with more people, you will start to see more information on your dashboard. It essentially documents your activity on eHarmony.

eharmony matchesMatches Section

There are two other primary sections to know about including your inbox and matches. The matches section features:

  • Matches of the day
  • Hidden matches
  • What If game

Hover over the matches to flip them over. You can see the member’s name, age, profile photo and location. If this interests you, click on it to see their full profile.

eharmony messagingInbox

Your inbox contains messages from other members. When you communicate on this website, you can choose for it to be as handheld or independently driven as you prefer. Show interest in someone by sending a message or a smile. With messages, you have two options:

  • Type a message just like you would an email and send it to the member
  • Use guided communication by sending questions to the member, receiving answers, sending deal breakers and getting some back from the members

Guided communication goes much deeper compared to a regular message. Both can be effective ways to get started with interaction. You can choose to stop guided communication at any time and switch it over to regular messaging.

The following are the most important elements of eHarmony:

  • Compatibility Matching System to ensure your matches are most compatible to you
  • In-depth profiles
  • The What If feature to unlock new potential matches
  • Completely personalized dashboard
  • New matches every day
  • Independent and guided communication options

eHarmony Apps

With technology being at the forefront of everyone’s daily lives, it is not uncommon for mobile apps to be preferred for online dating. What apps does eHarmony offer? Key points regarding the apps include:

  • They are easy to use
  • They are available on Android and Apple iOS platforms
  • Not all of the desktop features are accessible on the apps

Both the Android and Apple apps may differ slightly in how they look. However, they have the same level of functionality, so no matter which device you are using, you can utilize the same features.

You are able to do most things on the apps that you can do on the desktop website, including signing up for eHarmony, getting your profile together, seeing your matches, contacting your matching, making adjustments to the settings regarding your matches and managing your account.

While the apps are comprehensive, they do not make it possible to use the Book of You feature on your personality profile. As of now, this is a feature you need a desktop to be able to access.

The apps do not cost extra to use when you already have a paid subscription to the website. You are able to use both the app and the website. This allows you greater access to your eHarmony account no matter where you are.

To use the apps, you will have to download them. You can put them on your cellphone or your tablet, depending on your preferences.


Are you safe and secure using the eHarmony website? The answer is Yes! This website has a TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal. This means that it meets or exceeds all of the compliance criteria regarding TRUSTe’s privacy policies. This is imperative, and every dating should have this to ensure the greatest protection of its members.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

When you go to the eHarmony website, you will notice in the address bar that it says “secure” and it has “HTTPS” at the front of the website address. This means that you can input private information, such as your financial information to establish a paid membership and your demographics, securely.

During credit card transactions, the site takes it a step further with strong encryption (3DES) and/or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This means that only those with strict administrative access are able to see your financial information.

There are other proprietary security measures that are unspecified that this website also uses. These are focused on either protecting your information and/or your transactions on the website.

To sum up what we have covered here, this is a highly secure website. You will not have to worry about your financial or personal information getting accessed by those who should never see it.

eharmony relyIDRelyID

Another security feature this website has is RelyID. This is available for premium members and it works to verify the identity of those establishing accounts. This verification process works via the use of publicly available information to make sure members are who they say they are. It uses a two-step process:

  • You start with inputting your address, real legal name and similar information
  • The second part involves a multiple choice test that asks very specific questions with a single answer, such as asking where you have a bank account or where you might have financed a car in the past

Once you complete this process, the following is verified:

  • Your name
  • City of residence
  • Address
  • Age

On your profile, it will show that you have been verified. Your profile will have a RelyID badge. However, the only verified piece of information your matches will see is your first name. This helps to protect your personal information.



As we put together this comprehensive review, letting you know what eHarmony cost is imperative. There are different membership levels for you to choose from. They all have different features with the premium memberships offering you the most flexibility when seeking out dating partners. Learning more about what you can expect with each allows you to choose the membership plan that is most suitable to your needs.

Free Plan

There is a free option, but it is very limited. You might consider a free account for a short period of time to get to know the website and evaluate the basic structure. The following includes what you can expect with a free account:

  • You can use a free account for an unlimited time
  • You can indicate your preferred dating style and your current relationship status
  • You can create your personality profile
  • You cannot communicate with other members, but you can review profiles

Standard Lite Plan

To expand what you can do on the website, the next step up is the standard lite plan. This plan allows you to do the following:

  • See pictures of the people you match with
  • Send and receive requests for communication
  • Ask your matches for photos
  • See which members have looked at your profile
  • See the last time the people you match with logged in

You can choose this plan for six months. The following are the pricing options for the standard lite plan:

  • One payment: This plan is $34.95 per month for the first three months, and $69.95 for the remaining three months when you choose to pay six months in advance. The total cost is $314.76 for your first six months on the site.
  • Three payments: This plan is $104.92 per month for three months. The total cost is $314.76, and you get six months of access to the website with this payment plan.

Premium Plus Plan

If you want to access more features, there is a premium plus plan to explore. This plan allows you to do the following:

  • You get all basic plan features
  • Your membership information is verified
  • You get an extended personality profile
  • Make secure voice calls to other members using your phone
  • Browse matches anonymously
  • Every month, your profile will be featured for 24 hours
  • All of your messages will come with receipts, so you will know if they were read
  • Get personalized phone support from an expert

You can choose this plan for 12 months. The following are the pricing options for the premium plus plan:

  • One payment: This plan is $19.97 per month for the first three months, and $39.95 for the remaining three months when you choose to pay 12 months in advance. The total cost is $419.46 for your first 12 months on the site.
  • Three payments: This plan is $139.82 per month for three months. The total cost is $419.46, and you get 12 months of access to the website with this payment plan.

Premium Extra

This is another package option. It has the same features as Premium Plus plan. However, it allows you to get a 24-month membership. The following are the pricing options for the Premium Extra plan:

  • One payment: This plan is $14.97 per month for the first three months, and $29.95 for the remaining three months when you choose to pay 24 months in advance. The total cost is $673.86 for your first 24 months on the site.
  • Three payments: This plan is $224.62 per month for three months. The total cost is $673.86, and you get 24 months of access to the website with this payment plan.

It is important to keep an eye on how much time passes after you sign up since subscriptions may renew automatically. For example, if you choose a six-month basic plan, once you get to the fifth month, determine if you want to extend your subscription after your sixth month. If you do not, or you are unsure, call customer support to make sure that your subscription will not renew automatically.

It is possible for pricing to change. Once you are locked into a subscription, this is unlikely for the duration of your subscription, but make sure to read the fine print before signing on or renewing your subscription. Rates also may vary by country. These are the rates for people in the United States.

Customer Support

On every review, I always make sure to learn how well a dating site handles customer support. You never know when you might need a little help to get the most out of this dating website.

Since the website is relatively easy to navigate and use, issues are not common. However, if you have questions, the FAQ section is the first place to start. It is very comprehensive and offers answers to the questions that most members ask when signing up and using the website.

Should the FAQs not answer your question, customer support is available via email. On average, you can expect an answer to your question within 24 hours of sending an email.

There is also a customer service phone number if you prefer faster support or directly talking to a person to get your questions answered. Most dating websites do not have telephone support, so this is a desirable feature with eHarmony.

Live chat support is another choice if you have a premium plan membership. This option is done via instant messenger format.

The staff is friendly, and they have comprehensive knowledge regarding all elements of the website. All contact options are a viable choice, so the one you choose ultimately comes down to your personal preference and how quickly you need answers to your questions.


EHarmony is my NUMBER ONE PICK of all online dating sites. There simply is no better site to find great matches. I have used many other dating sites and eHarmony is in a class of it’s own. They have the best matching system along with a world class dating platform so you can be sure that you’re online dating experience is safe.

To get the best results using eHarmony, be sure to FULLY and HONESTLY complete their initial questionnaire. If you take the time to do this your matches will be better suited to what you’re looking for! 


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