Hello and welcome to Our Dating Journey.

My name is Scott and I’m the founder of Our Dating Journey. I started this site to help people find true love through online dating.

I can do this because I myself found my soulmate and now my wife by using various dating websites.

scott and marife

What Makes Our Site Different?

There are many websites dedicated to online dating and providing dating site reviews. Most however are simply regurgitating the same old information in an effort to get you to sign up to a dating site through them.

Everything you will find here at Our Dating Journey is from the perspective of someone who actually used online dating to find the love of their life!

Since I can offer a unique viewpoint, (I met, communicated, and eventually was married by using online dating) you can be assured that the information I provide is what really works.

Not only did I find the love of my life through online dating, I have also helped others do the same. A recent example is my sister-in-law. I encouraged her to use EHarmony (READ MY EHARMONY REVIEW) and be proactive about finding here soulmate. She made many mistakes when she started (almost scammed by two men), but, I got her back on track. It took over two years but eventually she met her perfect match and on October 6, 2018, they will be married!

I really hope you enjoy your time here at Our Dating Journey.

To learn more about how I (and my wife) found love through online dating, you can READ our story here.

If you have questions, want to share a testimony about how online dating has worked for you, or, a horror story, please contact me. I would love to hear from you! You can submit your love story here.