Muslim Dating – The Complete Guide To Dating A Muslim

Muslim dating provides a unique experience. Whether you are dating a Muslim man or dating a Muslim woman, there are some facts you want to know. This information allows you to have an enjoyable experience while you also learn about another culture.

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dating a Muslim womanMuslim Traditions and Culture

Before getting started with Muslim dating, you want to understand the basics regarding dating traditions and culture. Just remember that all Muslim people are different. This means that they might not all abide by these traditions, but it is still good to know this information.

When you are dating a Muslim man or dating a Muslim woman, you will constantly be faced with their traditions and culture. This is a good thing and it can open up your world. However, because culture and traditions are such big parts of Muslim people, you need to know about them to succeed with Muslim dating.

Basic Information About Islam

When you are dating a Muslim woman or dating a Muslim man, you should at least understand the basics of Islam. This is the religion they follow, and it will come up as you continue with Muslim dating.

In Arabic, Islam is a word that means, “submission, peace, surrender and commitment.” In general, by voluntarily surrendering to the divine will, one can attain complete peace. Allah is the god that those who follow Islam worship. The Quran is their holy book.

There are six primary beliefs in Islam:

  • Belief in the angels
  • Belief in Allah, the only God
  • Belief in holy books that all of the prophets received
  • Belief in the prophets that God sent
  • Belief in life after death and the Day of Judgment
  • Belief in divine decree

Muslim ArtMuslim Art

As you get into Muslim dating, you will quickly discover the importance of Muslim art. The designs are often decorative, abstract and floral. They are unique to Islamic architecture and art.

This type of art is devoid of the animate. It is taboo to have portraiture. A lot of the art you see will be pieces that represent Allah. Other popular art includes Arabic calligraphy.

When it comes to Islamic architecture, the following features are common:

  • Large courtyard
  • Minarets
  • Domes
  • Central prayer halls
  • Wall niche that shows the direction to Mecca
  • Iwans to separate sections
  • Fountains
  • Arabic calligraphy
  • Repetitive art forms
  • Bright colors


Islamic music is what is often heart. It is a type of devotional music that you can typically hear in public services. This type of music is present all over the world, including in various western countries.

Other traditional music includes different forms of North Indian and Arabic classical music. However, the country someone is from can determine their personal musical tastes. For example, Muslim people in western countries may listen to the same music as everyone else in the country.

Muslim Habits and Traditions

When you are dating a Muslim man or dating a Muslim woman, knowing some of the basics regarding their habits and traditions is important. The following are what you want to know before you start with Muslim dating:

  • Before eating or drinking, they pronounce God’s name
  • For drinking and eating, they use the right hand
  • Muslims often greet each other by saying, “Assalaam Alaikum”
  • After sneezing, it is common to be blessed
  • The mouth, nose, and teeth should be kept clean
  • After defecation and urination, the related body parts should be cleaned

These are just a few habits and traditions you might see when you are dating a Muslim person. Make sure that you respect these. Talk to your partner before engaging in them yourself to prevent causing offense.

Muslims in AmericaMuslims in America

When you meet Muslim people in America, you will find that they are incredibly diverse. Some are very traditional, while others have assimilated almost completely into western culture.

When you meet a Muslim person in America, never assume anything about them. Ask them about their religion, their beliefs, and their traditions. This will prevent any possible confusion as you continue getting to know each other.

Muslim people are not just from the Middle East. People from all races and walks of life can follow the Islamic religion. They are present in all industries and areas of North America.

The bottom line here is to never assume. Most Muslim people are happy to have a meaningful conversation with you. On the first date, however, it is best to keep the conversation more casual.

Muslim Dating Rules

When it comes to Muslim dating, there are certain rules you might be subjected to. Ultimately, which rules are followed depends on how traditional your partner is. The following are rules you might see when you are dating a Muslim woman or dating a Muslim man:

  • In the most traditional of partnerships, men and women cannot spend time alone together and must have a chaperon to help them to resist temptation.
  • Even after getting engaged, until the couple marries, they cannot spend time alone together.
  • It is common for traditional Muslim people to quickly go from courtship to engagement.

When a strict and traditional Muslim man and woman are dating, they are not dating in the traditional sense. They are working to determine if they are compatible enough for marriage.

Now, this is with the most traditional of Muslim people. If a Muslim person is on a dating website, they are likely looking to date as you are used to in the western world. This includes alone time, going out, and spending your time getting to know each other.

When you are Muslim dating, one of the most important things to remember is that all Muslim people are individuals. Some of them will strictly follow Islam while others will believe in Allah but will do so in their own way.

When you meet a Muslim person that you are interested in dating, you should get to know how strict and traditional they are. This will help you to determine the type of dating that you can expect.

You should prepare to meet your partner’s parents early when you are dating a Muslim woman or dating a Muslim man. Family is very important, and they want to ensure that their parents approve of you once things start to get serious.

Western Muslims and Halal Dating

Muslims in western countries may not be as traditional as those who were brought up in eastern countries. The type of dating and relationships they pursue are often referred to as Halal dating. It tends to be a more relaxed form of Muslim dating.

With Halal dating and dating in the western world, Muslim people are not waiting for their parents to arrange a marriage. They are dating just like most other western people. This means joining dating websites, meeting people from work or school, and scheduling dates with various people to see who they might be compatible with.

Muslims in the western world may not feel the same pressures as those in the eastern world when it comes to marriage. It is common for western Muslims to put greater focus on their career and developing skills when they are young. They may also feel that they will eventually meet someone, so why not enjoy being single now.

If you are in a western country, when you start getting involved in Muslim dating with someone who is local, this is likely to be your experience. You will still find culture and tradition, but they likely will not be as strict.

When you are dating a Muslim woman or dating a Muslim man following Halal dating, you may experience the following:

  • They believe that Allah is who unites people.
  • They meet people of the opposite gender for the purpose of finding a partner for marriage.
  • The dates are in public places that are safe.
  • On dates, both parties should dress modestly and appropriately.
  • A family member can come along to help them to evaluate their date.
  • Physical contact and flirting should be avoided.

Muslim Family LifeMuslim Family Life

One of the biggest foundations of Muslim life is the family. In the Quran, traditional marriage is commonly discussed. This has the woman in the marriage caring for the home and the man as the breadwinner.

This does not mean that you and your Muslim partner must strictly abide by these traditions if you both agree to something different. For example, both of you might share the role of breadwinner and caretaker and this is perfectly fine.

Muslim families are often very close, so when you are dating a Muslim man or dating a Muslim woman, you will typically spend a lot of time with their family. There is a chance that you might not be immediately accepted if you do not follow the Islamic religion.

However, the Quran wants to see a bond of “affection and mercy” and “tranquility” between a wife and her husband. Because of this, as you continue to date, if your relationship is strong, you are likely to be accepted into the family, so be patient.

Expectations of Parents

Traditionally, Muslim parents are expected to raise their children as Muslims, be kind to them and provide for them. When a baby is born, it is common for Muslim parents to whisper a profession of faith into their ear, referred to as the Shahada.

In the western world, whether parents are expected to raise their children as Muslim varies. Some families are okay with the child learning about the religious beliefs of both parents if one parent is not Muslim.

When you are dating a Muslim woman or dating a Muslim man, this is a conversation you will need to have early on. If you do not wish to convert to Islam, it is very important that you and your partner come to an agreement regarding religion in your home.

Expectations of Children

The expectations of Muslim children regarding the Quran are not much different than what anyone would expect from their children. Children are expected to respect their parents and be dutiful. It also commands gratitude for what their parents do for them.

Marriage and Divorce

Islam recommends that partners marry. Compared to the west, most of the fundamentals of marriage are the same. The one difference is that polygamy is allowed, and men can marry four women. However, it is rare to see Muslims practicing polygamy in western countries.

Divorce is allowed, and Islam recognizes that it can sometimes be necessary. Traditionally, it is asked that the couple use a waiting period to ensure the wife is not pregnant before filing for a divorce.

Sex and Intimacy

When you start with Muslim dating, sex and intimacy is a topic you want to discuss. When you are dating a Muslim woman or dating a Muslim man, they may believe in no sex before marriage. However, those who have grown up in the western world may not be as strict with this.

Traditionally, sex is ritualized in Islam. The following are common traditional elements:

  • The man reads a prayer before he and his partner engage in intercourse. This is to protect any child who may be conceived by the act.
  • Before sex, an ablution should be done for the man. Across his head and face, moistened hands should be passed. This is a type of sacred cleansing.
  • After sex, both partners must use water to rinse their genitals.
  • After sex, the man should lie in bed instead of getting up right away.
  • Islam does not expressively forbid any specific positions, but oral and anal sex are prohibited since they do not contribute to conceiving a child.
  • The days preferred to have sex include nights of Shaitan, Friday afternoons, and Friday nights.

dating a Muslim womanDating a Muslim Woman

When you are dating a Muslim woman, there are a few facts to know. Muslim women prefer men who are direct. If you like her, you should show her.

Flirting and using tongue-in-cheek humor goes a long way when you are trying to get the attention of a Muslim woman. If she likes you, she will not be shy about spending time alone with you. While subtler than flirting, it gets the point across that she is interested.

Muslim women may be more traditional compared to other women. For example, they may be more likely to follow traditional gender roles. Because of this, you should practice chivalry when you are out with a Muslim woman.

Women want to make their men happy when it comes to intimacy. However, if you are dating a very traditional Muslim woman, there is a chance that she will not engage in sex before you two are married. If you are seeking a long-term relationship with her, this must be respected.

The following are additional tips that can be helpful when you are dating a Muslim woman:

  • Do your research on her country of origin because some countries are more relaxed regarding Islam and its practices than others
  • Be respectful of her time if she engages in prayer five times per day
  • During Ramadan, do not ask for a date as this can appear disrespectful
  • Remember that Muslim people do not eat pork or drink alcohol
  • Know that many Muslim women date to find a partner for marriage, so casual dating is often not appealing to them

dating a Muslim manDating a Muslim Man

Before getting started with dating a Muslim man, there are a few things you should know. Muslim men can be very traditional, so expect chivalry when you are dating. He does not hold doors and drive because he thinks you are not capable, but because he is giving you respect.

Know what you want when you start dating. Muslim men are traditional, but they do respect women who think for themselves. Do not be afraid to disagree or engage in lighthearted debate to learn from each other.

If he is very traditional, he may not engage in sex before marriage. However, if his view of his religion is more casual, he may. Once you have been dating for a little while, this is a topic you will have to discuss to ensure you both are on the same page.

Muslim men are typically not as slow when it comes to getting engaged. If you are serious about your relationship, and you want to take the next step, talk about it. It is not likely that you will date for several years before he pops the question if he wants to marry you.

The following are additional tips that can be helpful when you are dating a Muslim man:

  • Be respectful of his time if he engages in prayer five times per day
  • During Ramadan, do not ask for a date as this can appear disrespectful
  • Remember that Muslim people do not eat pork or drink alcohol
  • He will not expect you to convert to Islam while you are dating, but it is important to learn about his religion

Muslim Stereotypes

When it comes to Muslim dating, it is important that you know what the stereotypes are so that you can get past them. If you believe any of these stereotypes, it can greatly interfere with your relationship.

Terrorism and Islam

Unfortunately, some people equate Islam with terrorism. Yes, there are terrorists who practice Islam, but you cannot generalize an entire race of people by this.

Muslims Dislike Christians and Jews

This is an unfortunately common stereotype that is just not true. When you are getting into Muslim dating, it is imperative that you know that this is a myth. If you are Jewish or a Christian, you can date Muslim people without a problem.

Muslim People Do Not Believe in God or Jesus

This is simply not true. In fact, God is who they believe in, but he is referred to as “Allah.” In Arabic, “Allah” translates to “God.” As for Jesus, the Quran actually mentions him more than Muhammad, but in the Quran, Jesus is not the son of God, but he is instead a prophet.

Muslim Superstitions

When it comes to Muslim dating, it is important that you understand some of the superstitions associated with the culture. These are often related to someone’s country of origin and not just a general Muslim superstition.

Before you start dating a Muslim man or dating a Muslim woman, take a little time to learn about the following:

  • The Evil Eye is something that many Muslims believe in
  • Snakeskins may be burned to chase off evil spirits in a home
  • Some Muslim teachers will not grade student’s work using a red pen since this ink color is believed to symbolize blood
  • Fortune telling may bring evil, however, in Turkey, there are Muslim people who may engage in fortune-telling without feeling the risk of evil coming
  • An eclipse shows the power of Allah, so many Muslim people will not be outside during one, especially Muslim people from Egypt
  • Certain groups of Muslim people throughout the world believe that specific amulets and charms hold magic forces and special powers
  • Dreams may convey the messages of devils and spirits

Since the person’s country of origin largely determines the superstitions they may believe, you should get to know their background. This will help you to narrow down the superstitions you might see as you continue dating Muslim people.

With this comprehensive guide to Muslim dating, you will find it easier to get started with dating people from this culture. Knowing the facts ensures that you can truly appreciate Muslim people.

Just remember that when you are dating a Muslim man or dating a Muslim woman that while there are cultural things to respect, you must also remember that they are individuals too.

If you haven’t already, please check out our list of best Muslim dating sites so you can make the best decision. If we missed anything, please comment it below. Good luck!

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