Muslim Dating Sites – The Top 8 Best Dating Sites For Dating A Muslim

If you’re looking to date a Muslim man or date a Muslim woman and you’re a Muslim, then you can jump right into our list of the top 8 Muslim dating sites.

However, if you’re considering Muslim dating and are from a different faith such as Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or some other religion, I encourage you to read our Muslim dating guide.

Although I personally have never dated a Muslim woman, I have no issue with someone from another faith dating a Muslim man or woman as long as they understand the intricacies of interracial dating.

If you can understand that every race, religion, and culture can have different sets of beliefs and you can accept the differences, then you’re on your way to interracial dating success.

Muslim Dating Sites Top 8 List

Muslim dating sites


If you have read any of my other posts on interracial dating sites, then you will know that I believe that eHarmony is absolutely the best site to find a match from any culture.

As you will see below there are several good Muslim dating sites that focus specifically on finding a Muslim match.

These sites are great because you know that people there are looking for a Muslim match.

Although eHarmony does not focus on Muslim dating, it’s on this list of best Muslim dating sites because they simply have the best matching system.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for you can find a match from any race on eharmony

Since eHarmony allows you to find members from many different countries and has the best success at matching, it makes sense to use them to find matches from anywhere in the world!

As I have said, I met my wife using eHarmony and she was from a different race and culture.


Like eHarmony, is a general dating site and not focused on Muslim dating. It’s on this best Muslim dating sites list because it’s the largest dating site in the world.

With over 50 million users (at the time of this writing), the sheer numbers help you find great matches. Plus, Match also has members from many different races and cultures.


Niche Muslim Dating Sites Focused On Muslim Dating

Each of the sites listed below focus specifically on Muslim dating. Unlike eHarmony and Match which are more generalized dating sites, these sites cater mainly to those looking to find Muslim matches. Several are more focused on Muslim matrimony rather than dating.


On the top of our best Muslim dating sites niche sites list is

This is a one of the largest niche Muslim dating sites with over 4.5 million members. This allows you to have a large pool of Muslim singles to choose from.

This site is run by Cupid Media, a company that runs many other dating sites. They have a decent track record so we feel very good at sharing this Muslim dating site with you.

The site is very easy to use but like most dating sites, it’s free to join but to really make use of all of their features you will need to upgrade.

Here is one of the few Muslim dating sites that is truly free! No upgrades needed and no limitations for free members.

The site is focused on helping other Muslims (or those with similar values) find their match and marriage partner. In truth they don’t call themselves a dating site at all but rather use the term Muslim Matrimonial site.

It’s clear their goal is to help people find a Muslim marriage partner while following traditional Islamic principles.

The good news about is that it’s free to use but that comes with a downside. The website days that they have 25,827 grooms and 8,753 brides so it seems that their membership numbers are much lower than other dating sites.


The site seems to have one main purpose, that’s to help other Muslims find their Muslim match. It’s a Muslim matrimonial site rather than a dating site.

Although you could join the site as a non-Muslim, it’s not really set up for that purpose. It’s met for Muslims to meet other Muslims. They welcome single Muslims whether Shia or Sunni.

The site makes no mention about their membership size. From what we can tell it’s much smaller than sites like


We added to our list of best Muslim dating sites because it seems to be open to those who are Arab, Muslim, and Arab Christians. They seem to be very inclusive to people from various backgrounds and religions. You can even find those who are not of Middle Eastern descent.

This Muslim dating site promotes not only dating but friendship as well as marriage.

There was no way to see the exact number of members that use the site but they do say that they have helped over 363,208 singles find their match. At the time of this writing the said that approximately 15,000 people join the site every month.


This site is run and owned by the same people that run which is World Singles Networks. It appears the site is exactly the same in terms of what they do and who they cater to.

So like, this Muslim dating site is geared to help other Muslims find their Muslim partners. It’s a Muslim matrimonial site and welcomes both Shia or Sunni Muslims.

Since there is no mention about the number of singles that use the site, it appears they have a smaller membership base than dating sites like


Rounding out this best Muslim dating sites list is This Muslim dating site is also run by World Singles Networks.

You can join this site for free but they have a Platinum membership option which like most dating sites, allows you to access extra features.

There are several success stories shown on the website but they make no mention about the number of members that use the site.



It’s safe to say that it cannot hurt to try any of these dating sites. If you use proper precautions and always adhere to online dating safety, you may be able to find your perfect Muslim match!