Interracial Dating Sites – The Top 10 Best Websites For Dating Other Races

I’m a big proponent of interracial dating. As I have said in most of my dating site reviews, I myself got involved in interracial dating and met my match through (READ EHARMONY REVIEW HERE)

My wife is an Asian (a Filipina) and I’m a Caucasian and it has been the best journey of my life! Through this experience, I learned so much about the Filipino culture. Not only did I fall in love with my wife but I also fell in love with the people of the Philippines.

I had no problem dating someone of a different race. I was open to finding my match from any culture as long as we were compatible and fell in love. In fact, I was not necessarily looking for a woman from the Philippines. It just so happened that the perfect match for me was a Filipina!

To get the most from your interracial dating experience, please read my guide to interracial dating. I’m sure it will help you to navigate the wonderful world of dating someone from a different race and culture. Below are the top 10 best interracial dating sites you’ll find online so let’s check them out!



Leading the online dating site for matchign with diverse men and women
eharmony signup home page

As I have said in almost every one of my dating site reviews, eharmony is more than just a dating site for people of the same race to meet.

Even though eharmony is not necessarily listed as one of the interracial dating sites, I believe that’s a mistake. In fact, you can meet your perfect match on eHarmony from any race and any culture. There are over 190 countries represented on eharmony.

If you’re looking for an Asian match, you can find that on this site. If you want to date an African-American man or woman, you can also find that on Harmony. For more, read our eharmony review here.

To accomplish this, be completely honest about what you’re looking for when you complete their lengthy questionnaire. This will help you find matches from anywhere in the world and of any race.

The best part about eharmony is that they have the best matching system of any dating site. If you’re looking for someone who is serious about a long-term relationship this is the best site period!


Interracial Cupid

Interracial Cupid Home Page

This is on my list of interracial dating sites because I know this site is part of the Cupid Media network which has a been around for many years. I have used several of the Cupid Media sites such as Latin American Cupid and Each of these Cupid Media sites operate the same so I know each one is quality.

The only question mark I have for Interracial Cupid is the number of members that use the site. There is no mention of this on so I’m really not clear on their membership base.

However, they’re offering a 3 month trial to their Platinum membership option so there is nothing to lose to give the site a try!

Outside of the two big boys on the block namely eHarmony and Interracial Cupid, there are smaller more focused niche interracial dating sites. They are called “niche dating sites” because they focus only on interracial dating.

Since so many people are looking to date people from other cultures and races, there are many niche interracial dating sites popping up all over the web. Most of these interracial dating sites are started by smaller companies looking to get a slice of the interracial dating pie. The problem is most are just ok.

The benefit of using interracial dating sites that only focus on interracial dating is that you can be sure that all members are open to dating people of different races. The issue is that most have a much smaller pool of users to choose from.

The following are seven of the best “niche interracial dating sites”.


Interracial Dating

Interracial Dating website

Here is another site on my interracial dating sites list that seems to have a long track record. According to the website they have been online for 15 years.

It appears that they have members in over 100+ countries and in every state in the US.

I find it nice when you can actually know the number of members that use a dating site. This allows you to see how large the pool of singles is. However, I see no mention in regard to the number of members that actually use the site. That being said, their FaceBook page has over 1.8 million members so maybe they have a very large usebase.

The initial signup is free so it can’t hurt to try this site.


Interracial Dating Central

Interracialdatingcentral website

The dating site is run by the same company that runs listed above. I added it to my list of interracial dating sites because there really are so few interracial dating sites that focus only on interracial dating.

It has a slightly different look than but from all that I can see, it works the same.

On top of that, I tested this site and and they both appear to use the same database of members. I see the same people on both sites using the same photos so it’s clear they use the same database.

All this means is that the company that operates the site (Chellaul Corporation), owns many interracial dating sites but connects the same members across each site. There is nothing wrong with this and most likely they do this to try to capture more of the interracial dating market by running multiple sites.

This becomes even more clear when you see that they both share the same FaceBook page and Twitter accounts.

What I do like about these two sites and is that their FaceBook page is filled with interracial dating success stories! (LET US KNOW YOUR INTERRACIAL DATING SUCCESS STORY HERE) I also love the way they promote interracial dating.

Well done!



Swirlr website

Here is another of the interracial dating sites that is run by the same people that operate and listed above.

I really love the way is set up. It’s a bit different than their other two interracial dating websites.

Like their other interracial dating sites, Swirlr focuses specifically on helping people date others from different races.

Again, as I said above I love this!

I’m not sure how many members are active on the site. Their FaceBook page is considerably smaller than their other dating sites and

I do love how they promote interracial dating success stories though.

Like most dating sites, they have a free membership and then upgrades to use other features on the site.


Afro Romance

AfroRomance website

AfroRomance brands itself as a site for black and white dating. In fact, it’s really an interracial dating site and not strictly black and white dating. It seems that members come from many different countries and races.

This is another site run by the Chellaul Corporation. These are the same people that run the interracial dating sites,, and listed above. The is almost identical to those other sites but promotes itself more as an dating site for black and white dating.

Like their other sites shown above, I really like their FaceBook page and how they share stories of successful interracial couples.

The one thing I’m not sure of about regarding is the number of members that use the site. I wish they would say this but none of the sites run by this company mention their membership numbers.

Just like most other online dating sites, you can join for free but need to upgrade to use all of their features.


Interracial People Meet

interracialpeoplemeet website

InterracialPeopleMeet is owned by People Media which runs 24 different dating communities. People Media was purchased by in 2009 so now it’s run under the umbrella of sites which also includes OKCupid, Tinder, Meetic, and Plenty Of Fish.

There is no mention about the number of members that use the site. Since the site is run by a powerful dating network, they probably have a decent number of singles.

As with most dating sites, you can join for free. To use the more advanced features such as flirting, viewing messages, to see favorites and more, you must pay to upgrade.


Interracial Romance

interracialromance website

InterracialRomance is another of the interracial dating sites that show no mention about the number of members that use the site.

Judging by the number of members online at any given time, it appears that there are not nearly as many members on this site as other interracial dating websites.

That said, the site looks promising and could work if you take the time to complete your profile and set up your account properly.

There is also no mention about when the site started but from what I can tell, they started in 2003 so seem to have a long track record.

Like most other dating sites, you can’t do much until you upgrade to premium options. The cost is much less to upgrade than most dating sites. You can even try the site for 5 days for only $5. It certainly cannot hurt to try the site to see if you can locate someone you connect with.


Interracial Match

interracialmatch website

InterracialMatch is another of the interracial dating sites that seems to have a nice long track record. They have been online since 2001. They’re owned by which owns 9 dating websites.

The InterracialMatch site says that they have the biggest platform for interracial dating and are one of the top interracial dating sites in the world. However, there is no mention about the number of members that actually use the site.

Their FaceBook page has just over 2,700 members so it could be their membership is not that large.

Like every dating site, you can sign up for free, complete a profile and begin using the site. There are upgrade options to allow you to gain access to all features.

I like the way this interracial dating website is set up. I wish I could see more about the number of members that make up the site but even so, I think it may be worth it to sign up for free and give it a try.



Match home page

Much like eHarmony, is not specifically listed as one of the interracial dating sites. Like eHarmony, that doesn’t matter.

You can find singles from all over the world on In fact, Match is the largest online dating site.

I included on my list of best interracial dating sites because you can find your match from any culture and race using their platform. Best of all, the pool of members is much larger which means you have a better chance of finding good matches. is truly the best if you’re looking to get a lot of dates. Yes, you can find serious people on Match. However, I have found that it’s best for getting dates. It’s just not quite as good as eHarmony at finding people who want a long-term relationship.

To me, it makes more sense to use either eHarmony or even if it’s for interracial dating. Both offer a great experience and simply have the best dating platforms that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a match.

(Read review here)

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