Indian Dating – Secrets To Dating An Indian Woman And Man

Are you looking forward to finding your perfect Indian match? Or perhaps you are excited with the thought of dating Indian men or women and would love to explore their culture. If you are any of these, then you have come to the right place. Whether you share the same culture or not, we have got you covered in this Indian dating guide.

Indian dating expands your dating experience. When you consider dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man, you get exposed to a whole new culture. You also expand the pool of eligible singles. Broadening your dating choices increases your chances of meeting your soulmate.

As you know, India is one of the countries with the richest and colorful cultures in the world. Whether it is food, health, or celebrations, they have it all. And what better way of exploring this incredible culture than finding a romantic partner from that side? The only issue is that dating is unusual in India. Most people still believe in arranged marriages. However, thanks to changing times, more and more people are beginning to embrace dating.

See our list of best Indian dating sites to get the most of your Indian dating experience.

So with the increase in popularity of Indian dating, where does one start? How will you know your soulmate? Keep reading to find the tips for dating an Indian man and woman as well as the experience.

Reasons Why You Should Date Indian People

Indian’s variation of romance does not include drama and dancing around. That is what you could see in movies, and sometimes, the stereotypes can be confusing. So if you are thinking about dating an Indian woman or man, we have listed great reasons you should do so.

Get a Chance to Explore India

India is undoubtedly breathtaking when it comes to nature, beaches, historical sites, hospitality, mouth-watering cuisines, nightlife, wildlife, shopping, and so much. So if your better half is from this part of the world, then you can visit their hometown and enjoy all that country has to offer.

The Cricket Frenzy

Cricket is not just another sport in India. It is, without doubt, an unofficial religion. Through dating an Indian guy, you will get a chance to join the cricket craze, and it will not be long before you are captivated with the game.

The Chai (Tea)

Tea is the number one favorite beverage in India. The country is the second-largest tea producer in the world. If you visit the country, do not forget to tell your date to show you some fantastic shops with the tastiest tea.

Assortment of Food

Naan, butter chicken, and chili are not the only foods you can enjoy from India. If you happen to visit the country from one end to the other, you will be amazed by the wide variety of food you will encounter here. In case you get to visit your loved one’s home, you will see that they will happily serve you different kinds of dishes.

Art of Jugaad

Jugaad means life hack. It involves a more straightforward approach to solving problems with an available resource but doing so innovatively. In short, by dating an Indian, you can say goodbye to some common everyday situations in life. They can come up with a solution in an instant that you never thought was possible.

Plenty of Colorful Celebrations

Indians love holding celebrations, whether it a wedding, engagement, or someone has passed exams. Anything worth celebrating gets a party over here. Moreover, the festivals are colorful, cheerful, and of course, they have some music and dance.

Religion in India

Views of the entrance Indian temple

The religious beliefs in India are diverse. Before you start dating an Indian, you should know the basics of each so that it is easier to understand their values. Hinduism is the most commonly practiced religion throughout India. Still, Indian people also practice Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism, and various indigenous ethnically-bound faiths.

Hinduism developed from the Vedic religion. The basics include:

  • Brahman is reality and truth
  • Truth is eternal
  • The ultimate authority are the Vedas
  • All people should work to achieve dharma
  • Moksha is the individual soul’s goal
  • Individual souls are immortal

Religion’s Influence on Indian Politics

Before dating an Indian man or dating an Indian woman, you want to know more about Indian politics and the role of religion in politics. The Hindutva movement has a strong influence over politics in India.

There are different political parties, just like in other areas of the world. Indian people generally align themselves with the party that best matches their values and preferences.

There is also caste-based politics present in areas throughout India. The caste system is a significant topic of debate since it can lead to caste-based oppression and discrimination.

Indian Cuisine

When you engage in Indian dating, you will surely be introduced to the cuisine at some point. This is true whether you are dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man.

Indian cuisine varies based on region, but you may find some traditional dishes in all areas. When you start with Indian dating, you will find that Indian people put a lot of emphasis on a healthy breakfast.

Lunch often consists of a main rice dish in the east and south. In the northern regions, whole wheat Rotis are common. Vegetables typically accompany these mains dishes.

Dinner is the main meal of the day. Much like other countries, the family gathers and eats together. Following this meal, it is common to have an evening snack time where the family gathers to talk and eat their snacks.

Dietary Restrictions

When you engage in Indian dating, you may find that your partner has specific dietary restrictions. You should ask about these restrictions right away so that if your date includes a restaurant, there will be items on the menu for them.

When you are dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man, you will find that the dietary restrictions are typically associated with religion. They may include:

  • Hindu people avoid beef because slaughtering cows is condemned in Hindu scriptures.
  • Jains tend to follow a rigorous version of vegetarianism that typically prohibits potatoes and other root vegetables.
  • Vaishnavism practitioners usually avoid eating onions and garlic.
  • Muslim people avoid pork and pork products.

You will find that these dietary restrictions are present among Indian people no matter which country they reside in. Whether you are dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man in India, the United States, or another country, be mindful of this information.

Dining Etiquette

When dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man, it is vital to know the basic dining etiquette they may use. Indian foods are often consumed with the person’s hands and not utensils.

If your date is raised in a western country, they might use utensils. Ultimately, it depends on their upbringing.

It is a good idea to ask about the dining etiquette that they prefer. If they do tend to eat with their hands, you can find a restaurant that serves food that caters to their eating style.

Indian Art

When you are dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man, you will likely find that Indian art is essential to them. Art in India is very diverse. It includes art forms, such as performing arts, sculpture, pottery, textile art, and paintings.

Some of the art is regional. Ask your partner to see what kind of art they like or dislike. This is important because art often plays a role in religious ceremonies and rituals.

Marriage vs. Casual Dating

Not long ago, people throughout India typically married before their 25th birthday. The purpose of Indian dating was to find a partner for marriage. However, this is starting to change.

When you are dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man, you will find that some seek marriage, and some are fine with casual dating. Young people in India are getting married and starting families later in life than what was average less than a decade ago.

Indian Families

If you’ve been dating your Indian partner for a reasonable period, expect to meet the family. Knowing more about the Indian family unit can simplify this part of Indian dating. Family is significant to Indian people. Families tend to be very close, and when they are very traditional, they may be a bit cautious about outsiders. This is something you should respect.

Do not force yourself into the family. Allow your partner to discuss their family with you so that you can learn about their dynamics. When their family is ready to meet you, you will get together.

Traditionally, parents would have a significant say in who their children married. However, arranged marriages are becoming less common in many regions throughout India. This has resulted in young men and women dating like people on the west date to find compatible partners independently.

Traditionally, men were the breadwinners, and women cared for children and the home. However, when you are dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man, you will find that this is not the norm in many regions of India anymore.

Nowadays, it is common for women to obtain an education and develop careers for themselves. Indian people living in the west often follow both partners’ western ways working to provide a comfortable living.

In India, women would traditionally move in with their in-laws after marrying their husbands. At this point, they would be expected to sever all ties with their own family. This is no longer common in modern regions throughout India.


Traditionally, mom takes care of the children. However, in India’s modern areas and Indian people in the west, parenting is often a joint effort.

If you are both from different cultures, you will have to decide which religion your children will follow. Some couples opt to celebrate the holidays of both of their beliefs. This allows the kids to get the best of both worlds essentially.

Indian Holidays

Families often get together for holidays and other special celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries. It is a good idea to at least know what the major national holidays are. These include:

  • Independence Day (August 15th)
  • Republic Day (January 26th)
  • Gandhi Day (October 2nd)

These are the three holidays that are celebrated in all areas of India. Other holidays are largely dependent on someone’s religion. Since Hinduism is the most prominent religion, you should know the associated holidays too. These include:

  • Bhogi/Lohri
  • Vishu
  • Ratha Saptami
  • Holi
  • Makar Sankranti
  • Vasant Panchami
  • Maha Shivaratri
  • Gudi Padwa
  • Hanuman Jayanti
  • Rath Jatra
  • Ram Navami
  • Akshaya Tritiya
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Nag Panchami
  • Krishna Janmashtami
  • Onam
  • Mahalaya
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Raja Parba
  • Kumara Purnima
  • Dussehra
  • Devotthan Ekadashi
  • Diwali
  • Hartalika Teej
  • Vishwakarma Puja
  • Chhath Puja
  • Bonalu
  • Jagaddhatri Puja
  • Nuakhai
  • Bathukamma

Some of the Hindu holidays are celebrated by all Hindu people throughout India. However, some of these holidays are based on regions. Knowing more about where your partner is from will help you to determine which Hindu holidays they may celebrate if they follow Hinduism.

What Indian Men Want

Young happy Indian man smiling at rooftop

When you are interested in dating an Indian man, it helps to know what they are looking for. Now, all Indian men are different, but the following information was collected from a recent dating survey:

  • About 30.6 percent of men want a woman who is good looking
  • About 25.2 percent of men want a woman with a good sense of humor
  • About 24.1 percent of men want a woman who shares their values and interests

Tips for Dating an Indian Man

Wavy dark hair, deep intelligence, caramel skin… are just some of the reasons why women are attracted to Indian men. Even though they may not be hot like Hrithik Roshan, you are still sure to be attracted to them. Below are some tips you should know when dating an Indian man.

His Family will be Involved

If you are dating an Indian man, then be sure that you will be dating his family. Indian men are highly attached to their families, but hey, who isn’t? Therefore, expect the family to invest their time in your relationship. They will demand regular updates on your relationship status and even questions about engagement and wedding plans. But do not worry about these.

Dating is becoming acceptable in Indian society. However, a man dating a lady outside their culture may be a disappointment to the family members. If they are involved in your relationship but in a positive way, then just go with the flow. They are only concerned about their son’s happiness.

Do Not Expect Anything Like The Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies are known for their suspense, exaggerated action, drama, music, dancing, and most importantly, their intense romance. We have seen actors in the films proposing the most romantically ever and deep intimacy that we all dropped our jaws. Do not forget about the colorful weddings and engagement ceremonies. But all through this, there is always some kind of crazy drama, harassment, unnecessary arguments that make the loved one’s lives difficult.

However, in real life, dating Indian men is nothing like the movies. So, do not get your hopes high for ‘out of the world’ engagements and pointless drama. Just get to understand your guy and the world that revolves around him. However, brace yourself for some bit of drama from his family, especially if you are a white woman dating an Indian guy.

He’s a Mama’s Boy

We all love our mothers, but to some, the deep connection does not last a lifetime. However, most Indian men are mama’s boy. They worship them and even allow them to take control of their lives, including their relationships.

As you have seen in Bollywood movies, the mother always has a say in his son’s relationship. And if she does not like you, then you are in for a very tough road. With that said, you can expect the mother to meddle in the relationship. Indeed, she is looking for qualities of a daughter-in-law who will take care of her son almost as perfectly as she does.

Understand and Respect his culture

If you are attracted to him, then you should be willing to learn and respect his culture. Indians are known for their solid traditions and rich cuisine. So you should do your research well about the culture, if you not already part of it, but would like your relationship to go far. Remember that his traditions and values are different from how you see life as a Western woman.

Marriage is a Serious Affair in India

Most Indian men want a serious commitment, mainly due to family and societal pressure. Besides, getting married is the only way most of them, especially those from conservative backgrounds, can have sex. For this reason, this is why Indian men will be ready to jump into marriage. On the other hand, Indian men make excellent husbands, thanks to all the respect they have for their mothers. So, make sure you note what his intentions are for your relationship before you encounter any surprises in the future.

Dress Modestly

If you are in India, then consider wearing decent clothes to avoid attracting the wrong attention. Avoid showing too much skin.  

Show Enthusiasm

The Indian culture is diverse, so you should be excited to try new things if you want to seem attractive to your date.

Know the Difference between First-Generation Migrant and ABCD

American-Born Confused Desi (ABCD) is a South Asian American born and raised in the United States. When dating him, you will feel more at home since you share many interests and values as opposed to those born and raised in India. So make sure you note the difference first and which one you are interested in dating.

What Is It Like Dating an Indian Man?

If you are a white woman looking forward to dating an Indian man, you should know that there are a few things to date him.

People will Stare at the White-Brown Couple.

White skin in a world full of brown-colored people is easily noticeable. So if you happen to be in his hometown, then be sure that people will stare at you and wonder how white your skin looks. Expect both excellent and bad compliments wherever you go. For some people, the white color is a prize, and interracial couples are not common in India.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Guy

Our culture is what defines us, but to some, traditions are everything. Thus, when dating an Indian man, note that there are two types: a traditional and a not-so-traditional guy.

For starters, a traditional man will always be strict about what you wear, good manners, etc. He is very respectful and will like you to be respectful and be a good girl too. Additionally, he follows his traditions, and his family will always come first. He will be all about no drinking, no partying, no smoking, etc.

On the other hand, there is a non-traditional guy. Almost every woman who has opened a Facebook account has encountered a variation of this type of Indian man. They will send requests and ask for nudes or sexting. They can be party animals and lust over any white woman.

However, some non-traditional men are simply non-drinkers. Still, they will not care about your clothes or your perfect manners. They will still be interested in dating and commitment. Make sure you take note of your man and which kind of guy he is when it comes to traditions.

He can Be a Feminist….or Not

If you are lucky, you could find a feminist Indian man to date. They are the best and will always respect women no matter the situation. These types of guys will appreciate a career-oriented girlfriend or wife. He will also want you to be part of his decision-making on essential issues. They understand that a woman’s place is not just to be a housewife but to be a part of society and equal to a man.

Expect to Hear A Lot About His Family

Who does not like talking about their families? Prepare to hear many stories about his family, and his mother will cover almost 90% of it. Indian men, as we said before, are momma’s boys. Their mothers tend to control their lives even in adulthood.

Good or Bad in Bed?

Kamasutra may have originated from India, but do not expect your man to be that good. Most of them are not that good in bed, but you can always show off some of your moves.

How Can a White Woman find an Indian Man to Date?

Indian man and white woman standing outside

It is worth mentioning that Indian men are difficult to understand. But just like other men, they will want certain qualities in their women. Mostly, they will look for certain things in their dates like:

  • Beauty
  • Well behaved
  • Independent
  • Educated enough
  • Mature
  • Loving and Caring
  • Great cooking skills
  • Has ambitions
  • Courageous enough to face his parents

Otherwise, finding an Indian man to date is quite challenging, especially if you are doing it the traditional way. Fortunately, there are a bunch of ways you can meet single Indian men. The fastest way you can do so is through websites and apps. With advanced technology and features, you can complete your perfect match without the need for traveling.

So, which ones are the best apps you can meet single Indian men ready for commitment?

  • Indian Cupid: Launched in 2002, Indian Cupid is one of the best websites where you can find single Indian men. Mostly, people from the United Kingdom, India, Germany, and the US use it. With thousands of users above 18 years, Indian Cupid is best for those looking forward to dating and marriage.
  • eHarmony: Since 2002, eHarmony has been the ideal site for single white women looking for serious relationships. It uses a compatibility feature, which compares every person’s list and matches them with their perfect match.
  • Bharat Matrimony: Created in 1997, Bharat Matrimony caters to singles based in India and overseas. It has millions of members and is dominated by men, making it the perfect app to find a single Indian man.

Dating an Indian Woman

American man tenderly holding an Indian woman

Dating an Indian woman remains to be one of the unknown mysteries. The fact is that most marriages in India are arranged marriages. Arranged marriages have been going on for ages and are still done even in today’s world. Therefore, most Indian men and other men from overseas do not know how to approach Indian women. Luckily, due to modern life, some Indians are turning to dates to find their perfect match.

However, suppose you are interested in Indian women. In that case, you should be prepared for the treacherous path ahead due to societal pressures and solid cultural background. Thus, you should do your research effectively and understand what Indian women are searching for in a man.

What Indian Woman Want

When you are dating an Indian woman, it is a good idea to get a general idea about what they want in a man. All women vary in their wants and needs, but the following information was collected from a recent dating survey:

  • About 24.5 percent of women want a man with a sense of humor
  • About 24 percent of women want a man with shared values and interests
  • About 22.9 percent of women want a man who is intelligent
  • About 20.9 percent of women want a man they view as good looking

Tips for Dating an Indian Woman

Below, we have listed some tips you need to know if you are interested in dating an Indian woman.

Her Family is Part of the Deal

 Indian parents are usually involved in their children’s lives for life. That is why some married couples still live under one roof with their parents. Thus, if you are interested in an Indian woman, then know that her family will be curious about your relationship.

They will want to know about your daughters’ intentions and want to evaluate you as a future son-in-law. Additionally, they want to keep track of every move their daughter makes. As a result, it will be an excellent idea to keep your relationship private until you are sure about your future with her.

Get Used to Rejection

According to a study from 2011 to 2013, the sex ratio of India was 909 females per 1000 males. From 2013 to 2015, it was 900 females to 1000 males. Consequently, Indian men have to compete with other men from different countries for the limited group of women.

This means that when you approach Indian women, you are highly likely to face more rejection. But you should not give up. Instead, try other methods like dating sites to find the right woman for you.

Pickup Lines

Do pickup lines work with Indian women? There is no clear proof, which shows whether they truly work or not. So you may want to ease or ditch the pickup lines and just be yourself. Moreover, you should approach her in a public area, especially if alone of you may find yourself in trouble in any other setting.

Earn Her Trust

Approaching an Indian woman directly can only raise the alarm. Also, sending messages constantly on her Facebook inbox could lead to blocking. So, to avoid this, you should earn her trust first before asking her out.

One way that you can do so is to pick a girl from the network of your friends. Perhaps hold a party or any other social event and introduce yourself or let a friend do so. Talk to her and make her laugh. Earn her trust and then work slowly on your way up to asking her on a date. This approach is likely to work better than a guy who just popped out of nowhere.

 Many women in India are embarrassed by men in public, which is why they are suspicious of any man trying to approach them.

Confirm your Intentions First

What are your intentions? Are you looking for something serious or casual? Make sure you know what you want first before you ask a girl out for a date. If you search for a fling or something simple, then dating apps or sites like Tinder are best for you. If you are looking for a commitment that may lead to marriage, then you can find other places for just that job. Make sure that you let the lady know what your plans are to avoid sending the wrong signals.

If you are Using a Dating Site

If you want to find your perfect Indian woman through a dating site, then consider the following:

  • Do not bombard her with messages.
  • Filter and specify your preferences
  • Take good photos of yourself and present your best self as your profile. Remember to smile!
  • Be creative when coming up with your messages. Do not send the same message to different women.
  • Respect her privacy
  • Do not be creepy

Avoid Asking Sensitive or Pointless Questions

I am sure most of us do not like being defined by our culture or where we come from. So when you are dating an Indian woman, avoid asking foolish questions like:

  • Will you have an arranged marriage?
  • Do you worship cows?
  • Do you practice yoga?
  • Do you watch Bollywood films?

Such questions will only leave you looking like a fool or offend your date. Instead, you can focus on her interests or ask her what she enjoys doing the most and start from there.

What Is It Like Dating an Indian Woman

Indian woman portrait in Lndon

Indian women have faced a lot of hardships and discrimination throughout their entire lives. However, with the changing times, an Indian woman is more ambitious and can stand up for herself. Her head is high up as she looks forward to achieving anything she wants. This can scare off some men, but below, we have described how it is like dating an Indian woman.

Do Intrude Her Professional Decisions

Her career means everything to her. So do not try to interfere with her career decisions or make her think that she is incapable of making them.

Low Maintenance or High Maintenance?  

If you find a low-maintenance Indian girl, then you will be the happiest man in the world. This kind has excellent bargaining skills. What’s more, you will end up saving a lot of money than you thought. However, if you get a high maintenance lady, then be prepared to go broke.


Most Indian women want total commitment from their men. So make sure you confirm the intentions and her expectations from dating you.

She Might Be Risking A Lot of Things

Most families tend to be strict when it comes to their daughters. Therefore, they might have restrictions placed in place, which if they break, they will lose their parent’s trust. For instance, if she is living in her parents’ house, she might risk it and sneak to meet you. So ensure that you make it worth the risk.


All women love compliments, and your Indian date will do too. Make sure you compliment every time. But do not make any mistake in telling her to wear makeup, especially if she is not a fan of it.

They never Show Emotions.

Indian women may never tell you she loves you verbally, so do not push her too much. However, she will undoubtedly appreciate everything you do for her.

They are Great Cooks

Most Indian women know how to cook delicious meals, and not just Indian food. So, if you are dating an Indian woman, then know that you will never go hungry.

She will stand by you even during your worst

Are you feeling sad or worthless? Do not worry. She will stick with you even during the worst of times and make you feel happy once again. What’s more, she will understand your emotions, thanks to the environment she was brought up in.  

Understand Her Feelings and Respect Her Opinions

She will have her opinions on everyday things like politics, sports, stereotypes, etc. Just be careful and do not offend her.

Respect Her Independence

Let her take care of a few bills. She will like it when you think she is smart enough to take care of herself financially. But just don’t go overboard and let her pay every bill on every date.

Dating Preferences of Both Genders

Whether you are dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man, there are certain preferences that both genders share. Knowing what these are will make Indian dating more fun.

It is important that you are social. Do not be shy about approaching Indian people and introducing yourself. When you meet for a date, you should also do what you can to keep the conversation flowing without being too forceful.

Do not try to guess what region of India they are from. If you want to know this information just ask them. If they were born in India, they have no problem sharing information about their home. Also, do not just assume that an Indian person is from India.

Do not assume that an Indian restaurant is the best place for a first date, or even a second or a third date. When it comes to dating an Indian person, you should both discuss where you will go. This ensures that both of you are going to a venue that you will enjoy.

You should also never assume that an Indian person is a fan of Bollywood. In fact, if they were born and raised in a western country, they may not even know much about it. Just ask them about their entertainment preferences.

Indian people put a high value on honesty and humbleness. When you are talking, always be honest about who you are and what you want out of life. You should also be humble about your accomplishments.

They will talk to their family about you. This will likely happen right after your first date. Since making a good first impression is crucial, you need to be yourself so that the family views you in a positive light.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Someone from India

If you are looking forward to dating an Indian man or an Indian woman, you must be willing to step up your dating game. It might all seem easy until you try it, but it is not impossible either. To help you, we have listed some dos and don’ts of dating Indians.


  • Appreciate their culture
  • Be excited to try new things from their culture, be it food or dressing.
  • Dress modestly, especially when you are going for a date in India
  • Try to learn a few words from their language.
  • Most importantly, have an open mind.


  • Do not show public displays of affections (PDA’s) when you are in India.
  • Do not be afraid to meet their families. Remember that families are always a priority for Indians.
  • Do not get upset when the guy is talking too much about or to his mom.
  • Also, do not insult Bollywood. It is sacred to them, and any insults may offend them. Instead, show some appreciation for Bollywood films if you want to impress your date.
  • Do not support regressive traditions.
  • Do not try to send her sexiest memes.

Indian Stereotypes

When you are dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man, it is important to know the stereotypes. This ensures that you do not use them and offend your partner. The common stereotypes include:

  • People in India all engage in snake charming. In fact, it is illegal to engage in snake charming in India.
  • All Indian people are poor. Like all countries, there are poor, middle class and wealthy people.
  • Indian people live in chaos. There are cities that are very busy and congested, but this is not true for all regions and cities.
  • Indian people are uneducated. This is a very untrue stereotype. India has schools and this country produces hundreds of doctors, business people and other high-level professionals every year.
  • Indian people believe in millions of Gods. This is a common misconception associated with Hinduism. The truth is that this religion sees God as everything, but there are not millions of Gods.
  • All Indian women are submissive. Like women all over the world, Indian women have their own preferences and personality types. They are not automatically submissive.
  • All Indian people worship cows. This is a stereotype that is just not true.

General Tips for Your First Date

When it comes to Indian dating, your first date can be overwhelming. However, with a few tips, you can relax and ensure that both of you have a great time. Consider these Indian dating tips:

  • Consider going out for coffee in a quiet café so that you two can focus on talking
  • Be yourself because Indian people put a lot of emphasis on authenticity
  • Limit the amount of perfume and cologne that you wear
  • If a kiss on the first date feels right, go for it, but keep it simple
  • Make sure the conversation is balanced and equal
  • Do not be shy about asking about their religious beliefs and values, and make sure to also share yours
  • Art is a good topic to discuss, and talking about this could lead to a second date at a museum
  • Ask about their family, and talk about yours, since the family unit is typically very important to Indian people
  • Talk to each other about music, hobbies and traveling

What is most important on your first date is that you are yourself. Being authentic cannot be emphasized enough. If you become awkward, this is okay. Laugh it off and be humble about it.

There is a strong chance that your date is just as nervous as you are. This is especially possible if the both of you are from different cultures. Use your differences to keep the conversation flowing.

Use this Indian dating guide to further your search for your soulmate. Just remember that when it comes to dating an Indian woman or dating an Indian man that everyone is an individual. This mindset combined with the information here ensures a pleasant experience.


We have covered everything you need to know about dating an Indian man or woman in this Indian dating guide. Make sure you study, understand, and respect the culture before settling on a date. Besides, if you have no idea how to find an Indian guy or woman to date, consider using dating apps.

Was this guide helpful? How’s your experience dating an Indian man or woman? Are there any tips you can think of to add to this guide? Let us know by commenting below.

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