Best Sugar Daddy Websites (Top 12 Sites For Sugar Daddy Dating In 2023)

Sugar daddy dating is something that you often see in movies and on television. However, it is a real thing that millions of people throughout the world engage in. When the right two people meet, it can be a meaningful experience for both people. The key is to ensure that you choose the right partner, no matter which side of the relationship that you are on.

Starting a Sugar Daddy Dating Relationship

The best way to find this type of partnership is on sugar daddy dating websites. On sugar daddy sites, everyone is there for this exact type of relationship. This makes it easy to find people wanting to engage as either a sugar baby or a sugar daddy.

When you sign up for sugar daddy websites, it is important that you are fully honest about the exact type of partnership that you are looking for. You also must be honest about who you are because there is a strong likelihood that you will meet your partner in real life.

Now that you are ready to dive into sugar daddy dating, it is important that you know the best sugar daddy websites. These sites make it easy to find people who are looking for the same type of arrangement that you are.


Sugar Daddie

Sugar Daddie Home

SugarDaddie is one of the best sugar daddy websites because there are more than five million members on this website. With thousands of users logging into the website every day, there is always a new person that you can connect with.

You can sign up for free, allowing you to look around and determine if this is the site that is best for the type of arrangement that you are looking for. Like most sugar daddy websites, there is some security to keep you safe on this site, including verifying photos and your email address.

You can talk to other members on instant messenger or by sending each other messages, but you need a paid membership to fully take advantage of the communication features. This is one of the sugar daddy sites that only let you read messages if you are not a paid member.

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The profiles have plenty of detail and the site encourages you to fill out yours completely. You can better gauge the quality of your profile if you have a paid membership on the website.

When you are ready to get to a paid membership, there are four options that you can choose from, including:

  • One month is $33.99.
  • Three months of membership is $67.99.
  • Six months of membership is $118.99.
  • 12 months of membership is $203.99.


Sugar Daddy

SugarDaddy website takes the safety of its members very important. You are able to report anyone who is making you feel uncomfortable on the site. They also have several disclaimers stating what you can and cannot use this site for.

When you are a free member on this website, you can create a profile and add up to three pictures of yourself. If you want to really interact with the site and its users, you have to upgrade to a platinum or a diamond membership.

When you have a platinum membership, you can chat with others. You need a diamond membership to use all of the site’s features.

This is one of the newer websites for sugar daddies and sugar babies. There is no app for the site, but you can browse the desktop site using your mobile device without losing any of the important features.

If you want to have a paid membership on this site, the following are available:

  • For $29.95, you can get one month of a platinum membership
  • For $34.95, you can get one month of a diamond membership

You can also choose to get full contact capabilities on this website. This will cost an additional $14.95 a month. All monthly memberships are also subject to an administration fee of $5.95.



Sugardaddymeet website

SugarDaddyMeet is one of the best sugar daddy websites because it restricts members to those who reside in the wealthiest countries. It has been around for longer than a decade, so it is one of the established sugar daddy sites.

This is one of the sugar daddy websites that boasts over two million members. While women do outnumber men, it is still relatively easy for sugar babies to find plenty of sugar daddies to talk to.

The profiles offer a lot of information, allowing you to easily find people who want the same type of arrangement that you do. Since they quickly clean up profiles that are low in quality and fake, you can be confident that you are talking to people who are authentic.

The matchmaking filters are advanced, allowing you to quickly locate people who are seeking a similar partnership. This also allows you to narrow down the members to save time when you are searching.

Whether you use the desktop site or the app, there are three paid membership options that you can choose from:

  • Get six months of membership for $144.00
  • Get three months of membership for $90.00
  • Get one month of membership for $50.00


What’s Your Price

whats your price website

This is an interesting site that does allow for dating, but the members need to place bids to essentially win a date with someone who they are interested in. It has been around since 2010 and there are nearly 500,000 members on the website from the United States.

This website is about 60 percent men and 40 percent women, so the odds of getting a date with your gender preference are relatively high. When you are looking at profiles, you can send a bid if someone interests you. Other members are able to also send a bid to the same person.

Unless you send a bid, you are not able to send messages to those you are interested in. To send bids, you have to purchase credits on this site. If you want to get someone’s attention without doing this, you can send them a wink.

There is a lot of information on member profiles, allowing you to get a real feel for a person before you decide to bid on them. This makes it easier to ensure you are bidding on people who you truly want to meet.

There are no monthly memberships on this website. You will purchase credits, which are as follows:

  • 100 credits will cost $50.00
  • 450 credits will cost $150.00
  • 1,000 credits will cost $250.00

Seeking Arrangement




This is one of the best sugar daddy websites because it works for both sugar daddies and sugar mommas. Because of this, no matter your gender and the type of arrangement you are looking for, you can use this site to find it.

This site claims that it only takes five days to find an ideal arrangement, making this one of the sugar daddy sites that offers a guarantee. You can use the site on your desktop computer or via your Android mobile device so that you can choose the platform that you are most comfortable using.

This is one of the bigger sugar daddy websites because there are over 10 million members located throughout the world. Because of this, it is easy to find people who are looking for a similar arrangement. Sugar mommas and daddies have the advantage since the sugar baby pool makes up 80 percent of the members, but the male to female ratio is nearly even.

To use all of the features on this site, you need to have a paid membership. They offer two options that you can choose from, depending on how long you want to be a paid user. These include:

  • One month of membership is $19.95
  • Three months of membership is $44.84


Established Men

established men website

Established Men is a very diverse website with a variety of ethnicities and language capabilities. The information that people provide and their photos are verified to ensure honest and accuracy on this site.

A lot of the users are active so that it is easy to interact with the people that you find the most interesting. When you send communication, there is a strong chance that you will get a response relatively quickly.

Women make up about 70 percent of the members while men account for the other 30 percent. The primary purpose of this site is to bring wealthy men that are more mature together with younger women. In most cases, the men on this site are also wealthy. In the US, there are about 200,000 members. Every week, approximately 50,000 people are active on this site.

Once you are registered on this site, you are presented with some matches. Because of this, it is imperative that you are detailed and honest when you are completing your profile information.

Women are able to respond to messages for free on this site. Men will need to have a premium membership to read their messages and send responses.

The following are the membership options that are available:

  • It is $79.00 a month for an Intro membership
  • It’s $147.00 for three months of an Executive membership
  • It is $300.00 for 12 months of a First Class membership




This site does not specifically focus on sugar daddies and sugar babies, but on age, gap dating. However, there are members on this website looking for a sugar arrangement.

Standard members have access to a variety of the website’s features. There are many ways to interact with members and the community on this website.

It has been around since 2001, so it is an established dating website. The majority of the members are looking for something serious. Most members are from the US, with approximately 800,000 members from this country. Overall, there are more than a million registered users. You can read our in-depth review of AgeMatch for more details..

Most of the women are in the 18 to 34 age group, while the men tend to be age 45 and older. About 60 percent of the members are men while about 40 percent are women.

You can sign up using an email or your Facebook account. If you use your email, you will need to verify it before you can start using the website.

To access all of the pictures on this website, you will need to pay for a subscription and your options include:

  • Sign up for one month for $29.95
  • Sign up for three months at a time for $19.95 a month
  • Sign up for six months at a time for $15.95 a month


Sugar Daddy for Me

sugardaddyforme website

Sugar Daddy for Me is one of the sugar daddy websites that offers a free trial. You get three days to use all of the features on the site to determine if you want to upgrade to a paid account. What is especially nice about this site is that you do not even need an account to start looking at member profiles.

This site opened in 2004, so the platform is well-established. Every day, over 2,000 people log in. Throughout the United States, there are over four million members, giving you a lot of sugar daddies or sugar babies to choose from.

While this site focuses on connecting sugar daddies and sugar babies, there are also opportunities for sugar mommas who are looking for a sugar baby and vice versa.

When someone is a paid member, they can add a lot of information to their profile. You will also input information about the type of arrangement that you are looking for. With a paid membership, you also get more features, such as profile highlighting and priority in the search results.

This is one of the sugar daddy websites that has four levels of membership that you can choose from, including:

  • One month is $39.95 for a silver membership
  • A silver membership that also includes total access is $54.90 a month
  • One month is $44.95 for gold access
  • A gold membership that also includes total access is $59.90 a month


Miss Travel

miss travel website

Miss Travel is a dating website that is focused on connected men and women who want to travel together. There is a diverse member base, allowing you to meet a lot of different people from a variety of backgrounds.

From all over the world, there are over one million members on this website. The distribution of men and women is about 50/50, so no matter your gender, it is relatively easy to meet people from the opposite sex.

Most of the members are looking to find someone to go on luxurious vacations with them or have someone take them on a luxurious vacation. The majority of the women on the site are younger and looking for a wealthy male travel companion. With the men on this site, most are well off financially and in the middle age bracket.

This is a pretty active website. The members tend to log in often and there are various ways to interact, especially if you have a paid membership. If you choose to get a paid membership, the following options are available:

  • One month is $59.99
  • You can pay for three months at a time for $164.97
  • You can pay for six months at a time for $299.94

Secret Benefits


Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits website

Secret Benefits is a simpler website that says that there are over one million users. There are various ways to communicate using this site, making it easy to get to know someone before taking your arrangement into the real world.

If you are a sugar baby, you are able to use the website for free without looking for access to any of the features. They do review the profile pictures, so you can be confident that there is a lack of fake profiles on this website.

They do not verify the wealth of the sugar daddies who join, so it is unknown if they are being honest unless you meet with them and find out. The interface is easy to use, allowing you to get around without it being hard to find the function that you are looking for.

For sugar daddies to use the full features of this website, they have to buy credits. With these, you are able to uncover hidden photos and do other things to communicate with the available sugar babies. When you are buying credits, you have the following options:

  • 1,000 credits will cost you $289.00
  • 500 credits will cost you $169.00
  • 100 credits will cost you $59.00

Important Tips for Aspiring Sugar Babies

If you want to be a sugar baby, there are some sugar daddy dating tips that you need to know about to have the best time with this type of arrangement:

  • Be very clear upfront if you are willing to have sex with your sugar daddy
  • Keep an open mind regarding the types of sugar daddies you meet
  • Join at least three sugar daddy websites to look for potential matches
  • Make sure that you are fully ready for this type of partnership before getting on any sugar daddy sites
  • Always be honest with yourself about what you want to gain from sugar daddy dating
  • Be direct about what you expect from your allowance
  • Never misrepresent your expectations or needs on sugar daddy websites or in-person
  • Do not waste the time of your sugar daddies
  • Explain why you want the help that you need because this makes your sugar daddy feel good about giving you an allowance
  • Keep your sob stories to yourself and remain positive even if life is not going well for you
  • Always look your best on sugar daddy websites and in-person
  • Make sure that you do not get too attached since marriage is not the goal of this type of relationship

Tips All Sugar Daddies Should Know

When it comes to sugar daddy dating, the following tips will help you to find the type of arrangement that is desirable to you:

  • Be open when you are communicating with your sugar baby and do not be afraid to ask her questions on sugar daddy websites or in-person
  • Make sure that you can always meet her needs
  • Never talk about her past unless she is open and starts discussing it with you
  • Most of the women seeking sugar daddies on sugar daddy sites are young, so be forgiving of any small mistakes that she makes in your arrangement
  • Be active on several of the best sugar daddy websites to make it easier to find the arrangements that you are looking for
  • Do not be shy about teaching your sugar baby how to become more independent
  • When a sugar baby is ready to end your arrangement, let it happen since these partnerships are not meant to be long-term
  • Never lie to your sugar baby and expect honesty from her too
  • Allow the two of you to develop a mutual friendship since this ensures that you always have fun together
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