AgeMatch Review March 2021 (Good Or Bad Site For Age Gap Dating?)

Does the AgeMatch site really work to connect people who like age gap dating? Before you decide to join, read this AgeMatch review and learn more.
AgeMatch Review

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Our AgeMatch Review

AgeMatch focuses on people who want to engage in gap dating. You can choose to interact with the community as a whole or with individual members, depending on your preferences. Due to these abilities, it is easy to find various members who you can get to know better to see who you have some chemistry with.

This online dating site has nearly one million members, and most live in the US. The demographic on this site is mostly younger women and older men coming together. However, it is also possible for younger men to find and communicate with older women.

First Impressions

While I was writing this AgeMatch review, I noticed that the genders are relatively equal. Having a balanced ratio of male-to-female members spreads out the number of profiles you can find online. This balance can make it easy for anyone to find someone with who they want to communicate. 

There is also a reliable age distribution on this site so that you can find people who meet your age preferences.

The profiles on this dating site provide plenty of space to explain who you are and what you are looking for. Due to this, you can evaluate other members quickly when they fill out all of their profile information. The detailed profiles make it possible to see who you want to talk to further.

You can search for members who have things in common with you. You can use different filters and search criteria to make it easier to get search results that pertain to what you are looking for in a potential partner.

While this is a relatively basic site, there are plenty of ways to interact with others. Overall, you can locate the various functions with ease to quickly take care of any action that you want to perform on the site. To expand what you can do, you can choose to get a paid subscription.

This site is simple in terms of its functionality and design. Everything that you need to use on the website is upfront and easy to locate. It will never take you more than a minute to find the features that you are looking for.


How Fast Is Sign Up?

AgeMatch signup first step
Registeration Step 1: Create An Account

You can expect to spend up to two minutes getting signed up to get into the website. In our initial sign-up, we created our account in under 30 seconds. That’s fast.

There are two options to complete this process. One is using your current Facebook account, and the second is inputting your email address. If you opt to use an email address, make sure that you have access to the account because you will need to verify it before continuing the registration process. You will also need to verify your phone number, which is excellent as this adds a level of security.

Photo Verified

agematch verification

As you get to the end of the signing-up process, the site wants you to upload a picture of yourself. It must meet all of the site’s guidelines. Your photo should be clear and free from nudity or anything that can be deemed offensive.

It’s recommended to upload and verify your profile so other members can trust that you’re authentic. Getting verified also means that online members can trust you and open up to you more.


AgeMatch wants to make sure that all of the members on this site are comfortable and safe. You can let them know if any profile is making you uncomfortable. They will review the interaction and take the steps needed to remove any members violating the site’s rules.

When you use an email to sign up, you will need to verify it before using the website. Getting verified helps to weed out fake profiles. You will at least know that people used a verified email or a Facebook account to start their membership. Plus, users also need to verify their phone numbers, which helps keep fake profiles off the site.

Profiles & Match Making

Where The Fun Begins

Comprehensive Profiles

agematch profile

Member profiles provide different sections and types of information, making them comprehensive. Most people add a lot of detail to their profiles, making them a good source for evaluating other members.

When accounts are deemed suspicious, AgeMatch is good about removing them. This system helps ensure that you are most likely talking to real people when communicating on this site.

You can look at people’s profiles no matter your membership level. It is also possible to fill out your profile no matter your membership type. If things change in your life at any time, you can make edits to your profile to ensure that it is always up to date.

Searching and Communication

When doing a search, you can search for the following options:

  • men, women, or couples,
  • age range,
  • if they have a photo or not,
  • and location

No matter your membership level, you can create a list of favorites. These lists make it easy to locate the members that you want to communicate with further. You can also send winks to other members to initiate communication for free.

Interact with the AgeMatch community as a whole or send a message. If you want to message other members, you will need to have a premium membership on this site. However, with a free membership, you can respond to messages that premium members send to you.


Can AgeMatch stand out from the rest?

This site has some unique features and functions that you can use to make using this site more enjoyable. It is essential to know these because it will make it easier to determine if this is the best age gap dating site for you.

AgeMatch App

Age Match App

If you want to use AgeMatch on the go, the app is a good option for you. Compared to the desktop version of this website, the interface is very similar. The app allows you to quickly locate all of your favorite functions from the desktop website.

You can download the AgeMatch app on an Android mobile device. In the respective app stores, the app is free to download. It is not an overly large file, letting you download and starting using it relatively fast.

Every feature that you use on the website is also on the app. This includes all of the paid features that you use if you have a subscription to AgeMatch. The features fit nicely on a smaller mobile screen so that nothing looks like it is crunched together.

If you have an account on AgeMatch, log in to the app to start using it. You can also choose to create your account using a mobile device.


If you want to learn more about AgeMatch or engage in gap dating, you can check out the site’s blog. There are different informational articles. You can also write on the blog to share your opinions and thoughts regarding this type of dating.

The blogs on this website are interactive. If you read a post and have something to say about it, there are communication features that you can use. You can also opt to contact the author if you want to talk more privately.

Reverse Matches

Reverse Matches are a feature that is relatively unique on dating websites. When you use this AgeMatch feature, you can get matches based on your profile information. For example, if you and someone else on the site write similar things on your profiles, this feature will make you both a match.

This AgeMatch search option gives you a chance to start meeting people who have things in common. You can check out their profile and see where the two of you are similar. Then, use these similarities as a way to break the ice for a conversation with each other.

Send Winks

AgeMatch Winks Feature

If you want to communicate with someone on the website but do not know what to say to them, you can send them a wink. These virtual winks tells the member that you are interested and that you want to communicate further. Then, they can decide to contact you and send the first message to make communication easier. So, virtual wink on ahead!

Hide From Search

Hide From Search feature

It’s worth mentioning a “Hide from search” premium member feature that pops up as an option when scrolling member’s profiles. Just place the mouse cursor over the member profile, and it will appear on the right-hand side.

Once the link is clicked or tapped on, that member will not show up in your search results anymore! This premium feature is excellent because it helps save you time from scrolling past members you’ve already viewed.

First Date Ideas

When you are ready to meet a member in person, this feature can help you decide what you want to do. Since first dates can bring a lot of pressure, this area of the website can alleviate it.


AgeMatch has a forum where you can talk to a lot of members at the same time. Use this to get to know people in an environment with less pressure than the more intimate ways of communication, such as sending messages to each other.


Does It Have a Lot of Members?

AgeMatch has over one million members registered on the site. The majority of the people are from the US. Approximately 800,000 members live in the US, and the member growth keeps climbing daily.

Most of the people on this site are seeking long-term, serious relationships. However, if you are looking for something more casual, you can state this on your profile. Both men and women can use this site to look for an age gap dating experience.

About 60 percent of the members are men, and approximately 40 percent of the members are women. Most of the men on this website are ages 35 to older than age 55. The majority of the female members are aged 18 to 34. Thus, it is easier for younger women and older men to meet each other on this site.

Customer Service

How Good Is The Help?

AgeMatch has an extensive help section where it is easy to learn more about the site and its features. You can find help to many common concerns in this section on the site. Just look for the areas where your answer is likely to locate the information you need quickly.

After you log in, it is easier to find the help information that you need. Once you exhaust the website’s help section, if you still have questions or concerns, there are other ways to get a hold of the site to get answers.

You can send feedback while on the website. Contacting the support online allows you to contact someone from the customer care team to get some help. You need to choose the issue that you need help with and click on that link. From here, there is a form that you will fill out.

Email Them

You can send them an email with several options:

  • Send Us Feedback
  • Submit a Suggestion
  • Success Story
  • Premium Membership / Billing / Claim Issue
  • Dating Advice & Safety Tips
  • Getting 1 month bonus premium membership

Call Them

There is also a phone number that you can find on the contact form. The number is below:

Contact AgeMatch Support: 1-416-628-1072

Most dating websites will not choose to display their phone numbers, but this dating website is supportive to their members. Calling them is the right choice if you need to get help quickly. They tend to answer fast, and the people you talk to are very eager to help solve any issues you have.

Send Mail

If you want to send the organization for any reason, AgeMatch’s contact information is below:

SuccessfulMatch /
10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160
Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6

Cost of AgeMatch

Is It Worth It?

AgeMatch provides a wealth of features that you can use to have a free membership on the website. These AgeMatch functions include:

  • Create blog posts
  • Join and interact in the forums
  • Send winks to other members
  • Access the first date ideas that members post
  • Add private and public pictures
  • Common on photos, blogs, and profiles
  • Like posts and photos
  • Look at the profiles of other members
  • Reply to chats and messages
  • Add other members to your favorite’s list
  • Use basic search features
  • View the latest activities
  • Answer questions that are put onto the forums
  • Use the Let’s Meet feature

If you want to use more features on this website, you can upgrade to a premium membership. The premium AgeMatch features include:

  • Initiate messages and chats
  • See the responsiveness of other members
  • Use advanced search features
  • Know who liked your profile
  • Add notes on profiles
  • Highlight your profile
  • Get priority customer care
  • Respond to first date ideas
  • Check online lists
  • Know who looked at and favorited your profile
  • Hide people from your search results
  • Browse anonymously
  • Use the reverse matches feature

Paid Subscription Options

AgeMatch's Paid Subscription Plans

You have three options when it comes to premium subscription options. These include:

  • Sign up for one month for $29.95
  • Sign up for three months at a time for $19.95 a month. You will make a one-time payment of $59.95
  • Sign up for six months at a time for $15.95 a month. You will make a one-time payment of $95.95


Pros and Cons

The Good Outweigh The Bad

  • Free members have access to a lot of features
  • A lot of active members
  • This site has over one million members
  • Good price for extra premium features
  • Most members have 1 or 2 photos

Review Conclusion

Is Age Match Worth A Shot?

Yes! It’s easy to start up quickly, straightforward to use, and you can start browsing tons of profiles within minutes. AgeMatch has been around since 2001, so it has an established reputation in the online dating industry. Since its beginnings, it has been a place where people from different age demographics can come together to meet and communicate.

Throughout the world, there are more than a million members on this dating site. Due to the size of the member pool, there will always be someone that you can talk to and get to know better. Most people are in the US, but the site does not restrict where they are from when they sign up.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can find people in different age demographics to talk to online. Men slightly outnumber women on this site, but there are still many women for men to interact with, whether they are looking for a younger or an older woman.

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