5 Tips on How to Make an Online Dating Relationship Work

Dating and romantic relationships are difficult to handle if you have a busy life and need to schedule your dating life around your work and friends. But your love life will become even more complicated and stressful when you throw a long-distance relationship into the mix. Whether you’re 100 miles or 6,000 miles away, being apart from someone you love is never easy. So here is a concise, to-the-point guide on how to make an online dating relationship work. More than 20% of all people on earth are in a long-distance relationship, so most people believe it is not as rare. But many of these people won’t last because of the difficulties in such a relationship. But true love prevails, no matter what. 

Tip #1: Meet in person before beginning a long-distance relationship.

People are forming more and more relationships online, but online dates are not substitutes for in-person dates. When you talk to your potential partner face to face, something magical happens that zoom and skype cannot replicate. During a real-life conversation, your brain can detect all of the tiny micro-movements that are filtered out behind a screen. 

You can develop a better feel for their personality through their unfiltered body language, facial movements, and general vibe. These characteristics cannot come through online chats, and they do while you are on a real date. Plus, there are no buffering or faulty connection issues, so your meeting can continue without interruption. 

If you are in a long-distance relationship with someone you have never met before in real life, you have to meet them as soon as possible. Do not entangle yourself in a long-distance online relationship without meeting your loved one in person. Meet them within the first three months and try to go on one to three dates with them. Meeting someone in person can radically change your view of them if they do not act like 

Tip #2: Use multiple ways of communication.

Long away, lovers who lived far away from each other had to be content with communicating by snail mail. They would send messages and letters to each other and wait weeks to months for each letter. 

Those in combat zones had to wait several months, mostly if they were on the other side of the world. Now, we don’t have to wait such a long time to hear back from our beloveds. There is a multitude of ways to send and receive messages. From texting and email to video chats to creating discord channels and Instagram chats. 

Now, there is virtually no reason you should not communicate with your partner through any of these methods. Texting is great if you’re at work and you want to send little messages. But Skype and video chats are great for date night. If you create a Discord Channel, you can send each other pictures, links, gifts, and other small bits of media with no issues.

Tip #3: Communicate often, not once a week.

Woman at home video chatting with boyfriend
Woman at home face time video call her friends husband boyfriend, chatting online from laptop

If you were in an adult relationship with someone who lived close to or with you, you would often talk to them. Communication is so easy now that there is no excuse for why you can’t message a person back within a few hours. As I said above, there are different communication methods, and each one has its advantages in certain situations.

This, by far is the best way on how to make an online dating relationship work because many of people neglect communication. It’s important to let the other person know what’s been going on with you and what’s on your mind. We’re all human, and we can’t read each other’s minds, so keeping a good schedule or habit of talking to each other is key.

When you are involved in a long-distance relationship, create a communication schedule. Create a timetable for longer conversations so you two stay informed about each other’s lives. 

When a couple in a regular relationship does not communicate for a few days, they are fine because they know they will meet up in a few days and spend the day together. But people in a long-distance relationship do not have this option, so staying in constant communication is an important key to success. 

When you schedule a date night, be sure to keep that date and don’t schedule anything else around it. 

Tip #4: Schedule in-person visits. 

If you have the means to meet with your loved one every month, that meeting often is a great way to keep your love alive. But depending on how far you have to travel and how expensive it is to do so, most people do not have the funds. 

But it is important to meet in person every once in a while, so try to meet up every two to three months. If money is a bigger issue than time, try to find cheaper ways to travel, like taking the bus or the train. It is not as fast as a plane, but they are significantly cheaper.

If you have to fly halfway across the world to meet them, then expenses will end up. So another great option is for both of you to meet somewhere in the middle. This will keep costs down on both of your ends, and you will have a fun vacation together.

Tip #5: Have emergency money to travel to your loved ones when they are in need.

If something tragic happens, being unable to meet with your partner to help and support them will be heart-wrenching. So save up some money and vacation days in case you need to meet with them. 


Long-distance relationships can succeed, but it does take more work and effort than a normal relationship. So the best way to keep the relationship alive is to create a communication schedule, meet in person within the first three months before deciding to stay with a person long-term, schedule in-person meets every two to three months, and find a way to be there if something tragic happens and your partner needs help. 

When the longest, we live in the modern age with nearly every bit of technology available to us, so if anything goes wrong, we can communicate with our partner immediately. When the long-distance relationship is over, and you two can finally be together without distance or interruption, you’ll be able to learn so many more things about each other and develop a long and lasting love.

What do you think about these tips on how to make an online dating relationship work? Are there any tips we should add on here? Comment below to get the conversation started!

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