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    (4) is focused on people who want to get married. However, there are also opportunities for people who are seeing friends or pen pals. With the extensive profiles and strong matching algorithm, it is easy to find a variety of people with who you have some compatibility. is an element of the MarriageMinded Community. Because of this, when you have an account on, your profile will also be available on the other websites that are associated with this community without any extra cost. This helps to increase your exposure so that you can find more people who interest you.

First Impression Of is well-maintained and has a sleek look. The different features are displayed making them easy to find. You can sign up quickly and peruse different elements of the site before you commit to a paid membership. started in 2005. Since then, the website has gone through several upgrades to ensure that the matches that you get are based on chemistry. It uses a matching algorithm that helps to make sure that the people you are matched with are compatible with you.

The members on are mostly looking for long-term relationships. However, there is the potential for more casual dating too. With the diverse members on this site, you have flexibility regarding the types of people you meet and the connections that you make.

Most members are over age 30, allowing you to meet people who likely have a career. Because of this, it is easier to find people who are looking for a long-term commitment.

While I was researching for this review, I found that it is very easy to communicate, and you have options. This lets you talk to others and get to know them using the method that you are the most comfortable with. Design and Functionality provides a sleek website that is easy to navigate. When you are looking for specific features, the buttons and links of these are easy to see on the website. After signing up on you can start looking around to see the available members and features.

Signing Up

Signing Up for site starts out by having you input your zip code and email address. From here, you are asked to provide some additional information so that the website can have a basis to match you up with other members.

On, you are able to keep yourself secure since you never have to provide your full name. Instead, you just use a username to help protect your privacy. The only other personal information that the website requires is your birthday.

personality test

One of the biggest elements of is the personality test that you will fill out. It consists of more than 20 questions. By filling out this test, you are essentially targeting the other website members that you might have something in common with. uses the information that you provide in this section to match you, so it is imperative that you take your time and answer all questions honestly.

Part of the signup process involves uploading at least one photo to your profile. The website does review all photos to make sure that they are clear and appropriate before they are uploaded on the website.

You have an opportunity to add up to 30 pictures to the website. It is recommended that you use a headshot for the primary photo on your profile. The rest of the photos can be whichever you choose, but the site suggests that you stick to photos that only contain you instead of group pictures.


Profiles allows for extensive profiles. You must never add any personal information on your profile, according to the site’s guidelines. However, you are encouraged to provide details about what you want in a partner and about your personality.

There are a lot of details that you can add to your profile. In addition to the personality test, your profile can help you to find matches that you are compatible with. For example, you can add things like your religious preference and political views to help narrow down your matches to those who share your beliefs and views.


Every day on your matches will refresher. This allows you to see new people on a daily basis that might have some chemistry with you. If you want to go a step further and look for more people on this site, you can use the search feature.

The search feature is relatively detailed, letting you narrow down the matches via multiple categories:

  • Location
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Status
  • Age
  • Height
  • Whether or not they smoke cigarettes
  • Zodiac sign
  • How many kids they have

If you have a paid profile, you can use a chat function on the website. This lets you send text-based messages to members. Whether you have a paid or a free membership, there is a flirt function that you can use to let people know that you are interested in them.

As you continue to communicate with members on the website, you can add those with who you have some chemistry to your favorite’s list. This makes it easy to go back and quickly find the people who you were interested in.

No matter your membership level, you can view photos and profiles. Because of this, you are not limited to how many members you can explore if you only have a free membership. Features

There are various features on that can help to enhance your experience on the website. Compared to other dating websites, free users have access to more features on this site. With a paid membership, you get to use even more features on this website to make finding compatible people and communicating with them easily and efficient.

Multi-Site Listing

One nice feature is that you are not just listed on When you get your profile on the website, it will also be listed on the other sites that are owned by the MarriageMinded Community. Due to this, you are exposed to hundreds of thousands more people throughout the world. This can make it much easier to find more people with who you have some chemistry with.


This is a feature that helps to ensure that you have the best profile possible. You will provide the information about yourself to professional writers who will use it to create your profile for you. With this feature, you get a professional-quality profile that will stand out, allowing you to attract as many people as possible.

With this feature, all of your traits are clearly listed. The writers will also make sure that they are clear about the types of people that you want to meet.


This feature is like a newsfeed. It is similar to the newsfeed that you see on social media websites like Facebook. Members on this site will answer questions or post a status that will show up on this website feature.

You will only see people in the stream that you are considered to be compatible with. This ensures that you can learn more about your potential matches. Use this to determine if there are some new people with who you might want to start communicating.

Popularity Of has about 350,000 members. Approximately 75 percent of the website’s members are from the US. Because of this, it is best for those who are seeking partners in the United States. The members on are relatively active, so when you send communication it is often answered in a timely manner.

The majority of members are in their 30s and 40s. This makes this website a good choice for those who are seeking more serious relationships. People in this age demographic tend to be settled, so they are looking for people who want to find partners for long-term relationships and maybe even marriage. heavily favors men since the majority of the members are women. As a man on this website, you have access to a much larger pool of women. This can increase your odds of meeting someone with who you have some things in common with.

On about 80 percent of the members are women and 20 percent are men. While women significantly outnumber men, this does not mean that women cannot meet someone special. There are still plenty of opportunities for women who want to communicate and match with potential partners.

Customer Service has an extensive FAQ section where you can find answers to the questions that people have most often. In most cases, this area of the website will give you the information that you need.

If you require further help from, they offer a form that you can fill out to contact them. The inquiries associated with this form are typically answered within a few days. It is easy to fill this out as they only require some basic information.

You will input the question that you have along with your email address and the category of your question. On this form, you also can add your phone number, but this is not required. Sine the response typically comes via email, you do not need to add a phone number.

When you contact using the form, the response that you get is usually relatively detailed. In some cases, the answer also comes with a link to any of the FAQs that may provide you with further information.

If you contact about your subscription, make sure to do this several business days before your payment comes out. This is especially important if you are trying to cancel your subscription before it renews again.

Cost Of

Cost Of

You can use limited features with a free membership. With this level of membership, you can at least test out the website and look around to see if it is the best choice for you. The following features are available with a free membership:

  • You can create your profile
  • Check out the profiles of other members
  • Know the other members who have look at your profile
  • Go through the personality assessment
  • See the photos that other people upload on their profiles

If you want to have access to all of the features, you have to have a paid membership. The following are the paid membership options that are offered by

  • You can sign up for a month at a time. Each month you will be billed $34.99.
  • You can sign up for three months at a time. You are billed once at $64.99. This comes out to $21.66 a month.
  • You can sign up for six months at a time. You are billed once at $74.94. This comes out to $12.49 a month.

When you choose a paid plan on, your chosen payment method is going to renew itself automatically. However, you can choose to cancel your subscription before the due date so that you are not billed. offers additional features if you have a paid membership. These include:

  • You can communicate with other members via messages
  • The website lets you know when another member flirts with you
  • Your nameplate on the website will make you more visible because it gets highlighted
  • Create a favorite’s list of the members that you like and know when another member puts you on their favorite’s list
  • Use the ProfilePro feature to have your profile written by writers who are professionals

Site Pros And Cons has a variety of pros and cons that make it easier to get to know more about the website. Use these to get a quick idea about what this website has to offer.


  • There are games that allow you to casually connect with people
  • The personality questionnaire is extensive
  • This website has a function similar to a newsfeed


  • The website does not have any chatrooms or forums
  • does not have a mobile app Review Conclusion has good member variety and a website that is easy to use. You can take advantage of the matching features to connect with people quickly. The website’s navigation is clean, making it easy to find the features that you are looking for.

The unique algorithm used on allows for more accurate matches. This ensures that once you are matched with someone, there is a good chance that you will have a connection with them. You can also search for members on your own to increase your chance of finding someone special.

That being said, eHarmony is a far better site for those looking to find a marriage partner. (Read my eHarmony review here)

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