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Must-View Top Dating Sites List-2021

​There are thousands of dating websites. However, not all are created equal. If you’re going to dive into online dating, ​it’s critical you only use dating websites that genuinely work. ​This list is worth your time and will take you through the TOP 130+ dating websites and give you information on each.

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If you’re looking to find out if online dating actually works, then you will want to read our dating journey. It’s this story that made ​us start this website. Discover how you can truly find love and even find your perfect soulmate. ​We will show you that online dating WORKS and if done correctly, can help you find the person of your dreams.

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"I've been divorced for many years and never thought I would enter the world of dating again. ​But, I finally decided to take the plunge ​into online dating ​so I joined eHarmony. Guess what? Within a few months of getting matches and communicating, I found ​the love of my life and we are ​now married!"
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Emory G.
"​In 2015, Our Dating Journey encouraged me to be proactive and to join eHarmony. ​I finally did it and had several issues with men lying on their profiles. However, I listened to the advice ODJ gave me and within one year, found my soulmate. We ​were married ​on October 6, 2018! Thank you​!"
Sonia Reynoso
Sonia Reynoso
Our Dating Journey