RussianCupid Review January 2021 (Is This A Russian Dating Scam?)

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RussianCupid has over a million members, giving you a wide variety of people who you can meet. The main purpose of this site is to bring Russian singles together. However, there is also a large demographic of non-Russians who want to pair up with a Russian person.

RussianCupid provides a variety of search filters so that you can look for more people that you have some things in common. Once you do connect, there are multiple ways to talk, such as live chat or via message. With detailed profiles, it is not difficult to assess whether someone is a good match for you.

First Impressions Of RussianCupid

When I was compiling this RussianCupid review, the fact that the site has over 1.5 million members stood out to me. You can find people from all over the world, giving you a lot of opportunities to meet interesting people on this dating website.

easy to use

This site offers a simple website that takes little time to learn how to navigate. After taking about one minute to register, you can get to the main page where all of the elements and features are easy to find. This ensures that you do not waste any time looking for the features that you want to use.

RussianCupid takes member privacy and security seriously. You only need to input your first name to use this website. They also have a variety of security features that you can take advantage of to ensure a secure experience on this website.

You can choose to use this dating website for free. You can do enough to get a good idea about what this site has to offer with a free membership. If you want to expand what you can do and access more features, you have a choice between two different options.

RussianCupid Design and Functionality

The RussianCupid website utilizes simplicity in terms of its layout. It is very easy to find the different elements that you are looking for as they are on the main page. Once you are logged in, the primary member page is where you can find all of the features that you want to use.

Most things that you do on this dating site only require one or two clicks. Because of this, you can access each element within seconds. This allows you to interact with other members quickly and easily when you are on the site.

Getting Started

To open an account on RussianCupid, you need to provide five types of basic information, including your email, age, and first name. Once you provide this, you get access to the website. If you want to make this even easier, you can use your Facebook account to log in.

upload photos

As soon as you get to the main page on RussianCupid, there is a popup that asks you to add a picture of yourself. You do not have to add a photo right away, but the site encourages it. This is because RussianCupid members with a picture get a lot more attention on the site.

If you used Facebook to become a member of RussianCupid, you can use the photos from your account and add them to this website. This can save you some time since you will not have to go through your files to find good pictures of yourself.

RussianCupid uses Thawte and McAfee Secure to make sure that all of the information that you input during registration remains safe. These ensure that personal information is properly encrypted and stored.

Searching and Communication

RussianCupid has different filters that you can use when you are searching for members on the site. If you have a paid membership, you have access to several more of these filters compared to those with a free membership on this site. Use these to narrow down your matches to those you are most likely to have some things in common with.

RussianCupid will also give you some matches. This is a good way to get started with learning about the different features on the site. You can also use the matches as a type of jumping-off point to meeting people and getting acquainted with the different forms of communication that you can use.

Messaging RussianCupid members

Messaging other RussianCupid members is an easy way to start getting to know each other. Using this feature is very easy. Just choose a subject and then type out your message. You will need to pick from one of the subjects that the site has created as this field is unable to be edited.

If you want to see if someone on RussianCupid is interested in you before you send them a longer message, you can send them an interest. This feature is available to members of all levels on this site. It basically tells someone that you are wanting to talk to them and want to know if they feel the same way.

User Profiles

comprehensive profile

RussianCupid lets you develop a very comprehensive profile on the website. This ensures that people can see what you want and who you are before they contact you and vice versa. On profiles, you can also see the type of relationship a person is looking for.

When you look at a profile of a RussianCupid member that interests you, check the sidebar. Here you will find other members that you might be a potential match. You can use the table on each profile to get some basic information about things like education, drinking, and other match criteria.

You can put multiple photos on RussianCupid. Even with a free profile, you have the ability to upload up to five of them. The site allows you to create an album of your pictures when you have a paid subscription.

Once you fill out your RussianCupid profile, you can make changes to it when changes happen. It is also possible to swap out your photos to ensure that the ones on the site are always current. All membership types are able to do these activities.

Features of RussianCupid

On this site, there are different features that can help you to get more out of the site. To use some of these, you will need to upgrade your membership to either the gold or platinum subscription.

Better Profile Visibility

Better Profile Visibility

In the search results on RussianCupid, those with a premium membership will rank better. You automatically get a better ranking simply by having a paid subscription on this website.

There is also a VIP highlighting feature that you can use when you have a platinum membership. When you utilize this feature, it highlights your profile in the RussianCupid search results so that it is more visible to those looking at the results.

The App

the app to download

The RussianCupid app has been installed on more than 50,000 mobile devices. You can download it if you have an Android device. It is free to download it onto your mobile device.

The design of the app is solid. Its features are not pushed onto a single page so that everything looks neat and organized. Use the features that you enjoy on the website via the app. Do things like send and respond to messages, check out your matches, and even perform searches to find some new people to talk to on this site.

Instant Messenger

RussianCupid has an instant messenger system that you can use. This is a good choice when you want to have an active conversation with another member on the website. You still maintain your privacy when you use this feature, so it can act as a replacement for talking to each other on the phone.

Message Translation

Since RussianCupid is a site with members all over the world, there will be members that you are unable to communicate with due to differences in your native languages. However, if you have a paid subscription, you can read profiles and messages after they are translated into your language.

RussianCupid Popularity

This Russian dating site has over 1.5 million members, making it quite large, especially since it’s one of the niche dating websites. Every week, there are about 50,000 members who are active. This ensures that it is easy to get responses from most members that you contact.

The US brings about 172,000 members to RussianCupid, but most of the members are from Russia. Also, the genders make a difference regarding the country that members come from. Most of the men are from the US where most of the women are from Russia.

Customer Service

If you need to get some help from RussianCupid, you have multiple options. On the help page, you can read up on common questions and concerns that people have on this website. In some cases, this will be all that you need to answer your questions.

After this, if you still need some help from RussianCupid, you can give them a call Monday through Friday. The agents are knowledgeable and able to help with any issue that you might have whether you are a paid or a free member. Make sure to choose the proper number for your country and call during their business hours, according to the Queensland, Australia time zone.

Another help option on RussianCupid is via a help ticket. You can access this via a tab on the help page. Just fill out the small sections and you usually get a response within a couple of days.

RussianCupid allows you to send them fax if needed. This is an option when you want to verify your account because it lets you send your ID photocopy over fast. The last option is sending them postal mail. Their mailing address is on their contact us page.

Safety and Security

RussianCupid offers some options to help to keep yourself safe when you are using this website. The first is the ability to report profiles. This site will quickly take a look and remove those that are in violation of the guidelines. Another option is to block members so that they are no longer able to contact you on the site.

You can also help other people feel safe on RussianCupid by getting your profile verified. After verification, you get a badge on your profile to show that you went through the process. When other members look at your profile, they will know that you are a legitimate person.

The Pricing Of RussianCupid

This Russian dating site lets you use the website for free. While you cannot take advantage of all of the features, there are still quite a few things that you are able to do. When you have a free membership on this website, you can access the following:

  • You are allowed to get your profile created
  • Look at the basic matching features and use them
  • Talk to people who have a paid membership
  • Check out the photos that other members put on their profile
  • Send interest to other users

RussianCupid gives people a lot more features to take advantage of when they get a paid subscription. The following are popular premium features:

  • Talk to all of the site’s members
  • Hide your profile
  • Avoid advertisements on the site
  • Get better ranking in search results
  • Use the VIP profile highlighting feature
  • Engage in active chats using the instant messenger
  • Check out other profiles anonymously
  • Enjoy more space on your profile
  • Get more filters to search for compatible matches
  • Read your messages and other member profiles in your native language

The Gold Plan


The RussianCupid gold membership provides the following cost options:

  • Buy a membership that lasts for 12 months for $139.99 ($11.67 a month)
  • Buy a membership that lasts for three months for $69.98 ($23.33 a month)
  • Buy a month-to-month membership for $34.99 a month

The Platinum Plan

cost to join

The RussianCupid platinum membership provides the following cost options:

  • Buy a membership that lasts for 12 months for $159.99 ($13.33 a month)
  • Buy a membership that lasts for three months for $79.98 ($26.66 a month)
  • Buy a month-to-month membership for $39.99 a month

All subscriptions are set to renew automatically on this site. When I completed this RussianCupid review, all of this cost information was accurate, but there is a possibility that it will change in the future.

Site Pros And Cons


  • You can translate messages
  • Premium members get unlimited messages
  • The site has multiple safety features
  • A big pool of members


  • Not all members are verified

RussianCupid Review Conclusion

There is a lot of diversity with the large user base on RussianCupid. No matter what type of partner you are looking for, there is a very strong chance that you can find them on this website.

There are several ways to meet and match with members. Check out your matches or perform a search on your own to meet as many people as possible. As you find interesting people, you can reach out to them in a multitude of ways. This helps to ensure that you have options regarding how you get to know someone on RussianCupid.

This site is definitely not a dating scam. They are owned by Cupid Media which has a good reputation for providing great dating platforms. I like this site so much it made it to my list of best Russian dating sites.

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