BrazilCupid Review January 2021 (Can You Find Your Brazilian Match On This Site?)

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BrazilCupid is a website for Brazilians and those interested in dating them to come together. There are different membership options so that you can choose which one works best for you. With a lot of diversity among members, you can easily meet a variety of people you may have some compatibility with. (Read the guide to Latino dating)

The narrow scope of this website makes it easier to use for people who want to focus on meeting Brazilian people. However, since BrazilCupid does not limit who signs up, you have a lot of options regarding the types of people you can meet on the site.

First Impression Of BrazilCupid

BrazilCupid offers different memberships so that you can choose the one that best meets your feature and payment plan needs. While this site has fewer members than other dating sites, it has a narrow niche, so if you are wanting to meet Brazilian people, it makes it far easier to find someone who interests you.

One thing I noticed while writing this BrazilCupid review is that security is very tight. They are good about removing fake profiles and blocking members who are violating the rules. This ensures that you are communicating with people who have good intentions.

The features on BrazilCupid make it easy to communicate and find people who are interesting to you. Most of the features are for paid members, but since this site makes it easy to upgrade, you can start using these features fast and easy.

BrazilCupid has been around since 2004, so it has been around long enough to develop a good reputation within this dating niche. You can sign up quickly so that you can start browsing the site and what it has to offer. Overall, it has a good design and plenty of diverse members, allowing you to find people to communicate with no matter your preferences.

BrazilCupid Design and Functionality

BrazilCupid keeps it simple regarding their layout. It is easy to find the different sections so that you can quickly locate exactly what you are looking for. They tend to keep it up well so that you do not run into a variety of glitches or other issues when you are using the site.

Signing Up

sign up here

You can complete the initial registration process on BrazilCupid within about 60 seconds. The site only allows some very basic information to complete this part of the process. When you are registering, you can do so using your current Facebook account or by inputting your email address.

When you register with this website, you can do it via the mobile app or on a computer. It tends to be easier to do on a computer since you can see the full site. Once you sign up, you can choose to keep using the free account or they make it easy to upgrade to a paid membership.

Searching and Communication

Searching and Communication

BrazilCupid has a good search feature that allows you to narrow down the results that are returned to you so that the results you get are most likely to be compatible. The website’s tags are an important element of this feature, so be mindful when you are creating these.

When you are ready to start talking to someone, you have some options. The first way is to send someone a message to introduce yourself. Only paid members are able to talk to all site members. If you only have a free membership, you can only communicate with those who have a paid plan.

There is also an instant messenger that you can use. If you prefer live communication with the site’s members, this is a good option for you.

BrazilCupid Features

BrazilCupid has some additional features that you can take advantage of. Most of these are only available when you have a paid membership on this website.

Block List

If you meet someone on BrazilCupid that makes you uncomfortable, it is easy to stop all communication with them. When you put them on your block list, they are no longer able to talk to you on this website. This is one of the ways that this site helps to keep its members secure. You can also choose to report people to this website via email if they are particularly bothersome.

Instant Messenger

BrazilCupid messenger

Talking to people on BrazilCupid via message can help you to get to know each other. However, if you are especially compatible with someone, you might want to talk to them in real-time. You can do this when you are using the instant messenger feature.

These are text-based messages. However, you can also use the webcam on your computer during an instant messenger session if the two of you always want to see each other as you communicate.



BrazilCupid has a variety of profile options. If you choose to get verified, you will get a checkmark that shows on your profile so that other users will know that you went through the process.

You can upload a variety of pictures for other members to see. When you upload photos, the website will review them to ensure that they meet all of the photo standards.

The profiles allow you to input a lot of information so that other users can get to know you. It can be changed later on so that you can update it as necessary. You can also translate the website’s profiles to ensure they are in the language that you are most comfortable with.

Account Verification

Account Verification

This website gives you the option of verifying your account so that other users will know that you are a real person. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, verifying your account can make you more trustworthy to other members.

Cupid Tags

BrazilCupid offers multiple ways to match up with people to determine which users you are the most compatible with. When someone is searching for people with who they have things in common with, Cupid Tag play a role in who shows up in the search results.

With this feature, you will create some keywords about who you are. If another member starts searching using the tags that you have used, your profile will turn up in their search results.

BrazilCupid Popularity

There are approximately 1 million members registered on BrazilCupid. They come from all over the world, but the majority are from Brazil, Turkey, France, the US, and the UK. Most people who sign up on this dating site are looking for a long-term relationship.

The numbers of men and women on BrazilCupid are nearly equal in their distribution. On this site, about 48 percent of the members are women and men make up the other 52 percent of registered users. Due to this distribution, it is easy for both women and men to find viable matches to communicate with.

BrazilCupid says that about 54,000 of its members are regularly active. Every day, approximately 500 people log in to the website. While this site is smaller than other dating sites, it caters to a niche and has a lot of members from Brazil. This ensures that you are able to meet a variety of people from that cultural background that you might match with.

Customer Service

BrazilCupid has a help section that makes it easy to get answers to many common questions about this website. If you cannot get what you need from this part of the website, you have other options to get information from the site’s customer service representatives.

The simplest way to contact BrazilCupid is to call them via the telephone. The contact us page has several phone numbers for different countries. When you call them, it is important that you choose the phone number associated with the country that you reside in.

After a customer care associate answers the phone, they will ask you to verify that you are calling about BrazilCupid. They will also ask you to verify your email address so that they are able to identify your account.

When you call BrazilCupid, make sure that you are calling during business hours according to the time in Queensland, Australia since this is where they are located. You can call them Monday through Friday to get help with your concerns and questions.

The customer service agents for BrazilCupid are knowledgeable about the website and its features. This allows them to provide prompt and thorough answers to your questions. They are also friendly, making it pleasant to get help with your concerns.

If BrazilCupid asks you to send them something, such as a verification document, you can do so via postal mail. Their mailing address is in Queensland, Australia and it is easy to find on the contact us page on their website. You may need to wait a few weeks if you need them to respond to you via postal mail.

BrazilCupid also has a fax number that you can use to send them things. This number is also in Australia. When you send them a fax, it may take them a few days to process what you send and submit a response.

Cost Of BrazilCupid

BrazilCupid lets you use some of the website features for free. This allows you to evaluate the website before you choose to commit to paying for a membership. As a free BrazilCupid member, you are able to do the following:

  • Send interest to people you want to communicate further with
  • Talk to users who have a paid membership
  • Use the basic matching features on the website

If you choose to get a paid membership on BrazilCupid, you get access to a lot of additional features. No matter the level of paid membership you choose, you are able to access the following BrazilCupid features:

  • Use the BrazilCupid instant messenger to live chat with other members
  • You will not have to see advertisements
  • Compared to other members, your profile will rank higher
  • Use VIP profile highlighting
  • Take advantage of the site’s advanced matching algorithms
  • You are able to talk to all members
  • Receive and send messages
  • Browse other BrazilCupid profiles anonymously
  • Hide your profile
  • Get twice the profile space
  • Use the exclusive search features
  • Translate messages so that you can easily read them

BrazilCupid offers platinum and a gold membership. Each of these memberships have three different payment plans that you can use.

The BrazilCupid gold payment plans are:


  • You can pay $119.98 upfront to get a 12-month membership to this website. This is $10.00 per month.
  • You can pay $59.99 for a three-month membership. This is $20.00 a month.
  • You can also choose to pay for your membership monthly. With this option, the gold plan is $29.98 a month.

The BrazilCupid platinum payment plans are:

BrazilCupid platinum

  • You can pay $149.99 upfront to get a 12-month membership to this website. This is $12.50 per month.
  • You can pay $69.98 for a three-month membership. This is $23.33 a month.
  • You can also choose to pay for your membership monthly. With this option, the gold plan is $34.99 a month.

You will need to cancel your membership manually if you do not want to keep using BrazilCupid since all memberships renew automatically. You can do this via the website or by contacting customer service.

You can use different payment methods on BrazilCupid, including PayPal, credit and debit cards, Paysafe cards, and a bank transfer. This makes it easy to pay for your membership using the method that is most convenient for you.

At the time I wrote this BrazilCupid review, all of this payment information was accurate. It is possible that BrazilCupid will make changes to the costs and membership options in the future.

Site Pros And Cons

If you are on the fence regarding joining BrazilCupid, looking at some pros and cons can help you to make the final decision. These essentially sum up what you can expect from this website.


  • More than 50,000 BrazilCupid members are active regularly
  • There are a lot of users from Brazil
  • The registration process takes under a minute
  • You can use the website via a mobile app
  • It is possible to sign up using your Facebook account


  • Since this is a niche site there are not a lot of members compared to other dating websites

BrazilCupid Review Conclusion

BrazilCupid is focused on helping you to meet people of Brazilian descent. It offers profiles with a lot of information so that you can get to know people before you initiate a conversation. This allows you to save time so that you are only talking to those with who you might have some things in common with. There are several communication features too so that you can initiate contact and carry out conversations in the way that you most prefer.

BrazilCupid makes it easy to sign up. Once you register, you can immediately start browsing the website to learn more about the features and the other elements. This allows you to quickly make a determination regarding if it is the best site for you.

Due to the ease of use of BrazilCupid, you are able to get around and find people with who you are compatible quickly. There are different search criteria that you can use to simplify the process regarding finding new people who have some things in common with you.

BrazilCupid is on my list for top Latin dating sites so I highly recommend it.

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