AfroIntroductions Review July 2024 (A Great Site To Find Your African Match)

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What is AfroIntroductions?

AfroIntroductions is an international online dating website focused on people of African descent. However, you do not have to have African roots to be a member of this website. Since all people are welcome to join, you have a chance to meet a wide variety of people.

Before diving into AfroIntroductions, it is a good idea to explore what the site has to offer. Check out the features, navigation, and other elements to determine if it can provide the online dating experience you are looking for.


This dating site has more than 2.5 million members from countries throughout the world. In the US, there are approximately 350,000 members. Other non-African countries that have a lot of members include Germany, France, and the UK. When looking at African countries, the following are well-represented with members:

  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Madagascar
  • Cameroon
  • Ghana
  • Cote d’Ivoire

Every week, an estimated 80,000 members are active on this online dating website. Daily, approximately 2,000 people log in to the website. Overall, this is a relatively active dating website, so when you send messages to people, there is a high likelihood that you will get a response.

About 55 percent of the members are men. Women account for about 45 percent of the members. Since this website is responsive in getting rid of fake profiles, the majority of members are authentic.

First Impressions

What’s Our Experience First Hand?

This online dating site has members from countries all over the world. However, it is focused on African people and those who want to start meaningful relationships with those who have an African background. The diversity of this dating site helps to ensure that you can find many interesting people.

While researching this AfroIntroductions review, I learned that there are over 2.5 million members, providing various members from different backgrounds. The amount of men and women is very similar, allowing both genders to have a relatively easy time meeting people.

Different communication features allow you to engage with other members that you prefer. With some optimized matching features, you are provided with matches that you already have some things in common with. You get to choose your tags used for matching, allowing you to focus on the most important things to you.

The site is simple to navigate, so you can quickly take advantage of what it offers. With detailed profiles and an app that Android users can download, AfroIntroductions makes it easy to meet members and engage with them.

Design and Functionality

This site has a modern and simple layout. It is easy to navigate, making it possible to find all of the different features within minutes. This ensures that you can keep your focus on exploring the members and initiating conversation with the people who are your matches.


How Fast Is the Sign-up?

AfroIntroductions signup

The basic signup process will take you about two minutes to complete. This dating site only needs to know your name, age, email, and gender and gender preferences for this step. You will also input a password that you will use to login to this website.

Once you finish this part of the process, you have the option to upgrade your membership. You can also add some photos of yourself and start filling out the other elements of your profile. While AfroIntroductions does not require that you immediately add a picture, it is best to do it right away because profiles have them get more attention.

Matching and Communication

AfroIntroductions edit match criterias

Searching and matching with other members on AfroIntroductions is relatively straightforward. When you are searching for members, you can use different criteria to narrow down the presented profiles to you.

To reach out to people, you are interested in, you can send them interest or a message. Unpaid members can send interest. However, if they send a message, it can only be to members who have a paid membership since unpaid members cannot message each other.

You can also opt to use the chatroom to talk to members. This gives you a less intimate way to get to know other members.

No matter your membership level, you can reach people’s profiles and take a look at their photos. This allows you to know what you can expect regarding the member pool before you commit to a paid membership.


While working on this review, one thing that really stood out was how seriously they take members’ safety. The account verification on AfroIntroductions is voluntary. However, if you go through the process, this will show on your profile so that other members know.


AfroIntroductions woman profile

The profiles on this website provide plenty of details so that you can really get to know people before you even reach out to them. When you are working on your own profile, you should fill out all of the details to get the most compatible matches possible.

This website tells you if someone decides to make your profile a favorite or when they view your profile. You can use this information to see who might be interested in you to increase the members you match with.


Can AfroIntroduction Stand Out?

AfroIntroductions has different features that you can use to take full advantage of the website. These features are available when you have one of the paid memberships. Overall, the features are easy to use, so that you can start using them right away.


AfroIntroductions cupidtags

This feature on this dating site adds to the matching system on the website. These tags are essentially keywords that describe you and what you like. For example, if you love basketball and photography, you could add these tags.

You can also use this feature to describe yourself better using tags like “adventurous” or “easy-going.” Just make sure that they describe you well since people will find you searching when they type in the CupidTags that you choose for yourself.

Instant Messenger

AfroIntroductions messaging

If you want to maintain your privacy while still talking to someone in real-time, AfroIntroductions offers an instant messenger. You can choose between text and a camera to use this feature.

Members need to have a paid membership to use this, or a free member can only communicate with someone who has a paid membership. This feature is a good option for those who want to go further than messages but are not ready to start talking on the phone yet.

Block List

AfroIntroductions make it easy to avoid communication with anyone you want to avoid. If there is a problematic member, you need to click a button to block them.

Once someone is on your block list, they are no longer able to contact you. This ensures that you can keep your focus on the members with who you want to interact.

Customer Service

How’s The Support?

The website has a couple of different customer service options. It is important to know that they are based in Queensland, Australia, so all of the times will be related to this region. For example, according to Queensland, if you call customer service, you have to do so during their business hours.

On their Contact Us page is a phone number that corresponds with the country you are calling from. If you are in the US, UK, or Australia, there is a specific AfroIntroductions phone number. There is a different number of people who live in other countries.

It is relatively easy to get into contact with someone on the phone. The representatives are knowledgeable, and they answer questions professionally and thoroughly.

You can also contact them via postal mail. Depending on where you are in the world, it may take a few weeks to respond if you use this method.

The company also provides a fax number that you can use. This is ideal if you need to send over documents quickly.

Cost of AfroIntroductions

More Bang for You Buck?

You can sign up for AfroIntroductions for free. This lets you explore the layout of the website and send a basic interest to members you feel that you have some compatibility with. If a member you are interested in has a paid membership, you are able to send them a message.

Gold Membership

AfroIntroductions Gold Membership Subscription

The first set of payment plans is the gold membership. There are three plans available for this AfroIntroductions membership:

  • If you pay for the 12-month membership, it is $119.98 upfront. This is $10.00 per month.
  • If you pay for the six-month membership, it is $59.99 upfront. This is $20.00 per month.
  • If you choose to go month by month, you are billed monthly for $30.98.

There are several features associated with the AfroIntroductions gold membership, including:

  • Regular matches
  • An instant messenger that allows for live chatting
  • Use the messaging system
  • Look at other member profiles anonymously
  • Communicate with all members, including those who only have a free membership
  • You do not have to look at advertisements on the website
  • Hide your profile
  • Send interest to other members

Platinum Membership

AfroIntroductions Platinum Subscription

The other AfroIntroductions membership is the platinum option. This AfroIntroductions membership option also has three different payment plans available:

  • If you pay for the 12-month membership, it is $149.99 upfront. This is $12.50 per month.
  • If you pay for the six-month membership, it is $69.98 upfront. This is $23.33 per month.
  • If you choose to go month by month, you are billed monthly for $35.99.

When you choose the platinum AfroIntroductions membership, you get access to all of the features that a gold member gets. You also get a few extras, including the following:

  • Your profile will be above other profiles on AfroIntroductions
  • There are advanced searching algorithms that you can take advantage of
  • VIP profile highlighting
  • On your profile, the space available is double that of members with other membership types
  • There are added exclusive search features at your disposal

It is important to note that if you choose a paid membership to this dating site that it will renew automatically. However, you can choose to stop this from happening by making changes in your account or calling a customer care representative.

When you are ready to pay for a membership, you can pick one of several payment methods. They accept credit and debit cards. You can also opt to use PayPal. In addition, you can use a bank transfer, Skrill, or a Paysafe card.

All of this information about the payment plans and costs is accurate as of when I compiled this AfroIntroductions review. The website may make changes to this information in the future.

Pros And Cons

Is It Worth It?

Before joining this dating site, you want to make sure that you have a good understanding of this dating website to make sure that it is the best choice for you. A quick look at the pros and cons can help to provide some clarity.

  • Well-maintained website
  • There are numerous communication features that you can use
  • Members come from multiple countries throughout the world
  • You have options regarding the payment plans and costs
  • High privacy and security
  • Extensive search features
  • AfroIntroductions app is only available if you have an Android phone or tablet
  • Free memberships are limited regarding the features that you can use


Members’ Success Stories

AfroIntroductions testimonials

Review Conclusion

What’s the Verdict?

While working on this review, it was easy to see that this is an ideal website for those who want to engage with people from African descent. Those with an African background comes from multiple African countries.

This site is easy to use and navigate. The special features that are available make it easy to get to know the members that interest you. This website puts the links to the features upfront so that you can find everything within seconds.

When you sign up for this site, you can flesh out your profile easily so that your matches are of high quality. You also have a chance to search for members on your own. Paid members have different options to narrow down their matches to save you time finding people who are compatible.

Overall, this is a solid website for finding potential romantic partners who are of African descent. However, members come from a wide array of backgrounds, ensuring that there are a lot of people on this website that you may find a connection with. In my opinion, this is one of the best dating sites to find African singles on the web.

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