Four Topics Boosting the Relationship While Dating Women

By : Written by our website Jul 29, 2021
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Why does a single man often worry about dates? Are they stupid or stubborn? No, they just do not know how to choose topics in dates. If you also think it difficult to choose topics while dating with women, the following four tips may help you. You should remember and use them flexibly in different circumstances, then someday you can do it.

1. Topics about Your Past

You can recall the bitterness and sweetness in the past, especially your painful experience. In this process, you can use exaggerations appropriately, such as how much pain you have gone through, how much sorrow you have experienced. Now, all sufferings have their reward, and you will cherish the hard-won good days and make a detailed plan. I believe that the woman will be moved and touched by it, after all, pains help a man grow to maturity.

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2.Humorous Topics

In daily life, you should pay attention to humorous materials, such as cold jokes, and that is because people are not born with sense of humor. To be a humorous person, you couldn’t stopping training your humorous skills. Only that you can be a witty speaker in your date and make the woman laugh out, as well as leave an optimistic and cheerful impression on her. Now, humor is the lubricant for communication at this moment.

3.Body Language 

While dating with a woman, you can add the body language into your conversation, increasing the interaction. When there is nothing to say, you need to break the deadlock as soon as possible, otherwise the relationship between you will become rigid. Or you could claim to be a palm reader, then your girl will take the initiative to put her hand in yours without asking, only if you are well prepared.

4. Topics That Women Interested in

You should pick materials in the talk and dig common points with the woman. What a woman needed is your concern, especially remember her words, and your quiet listening is the best feedback. When she stops talking, you need to extend new topics based on what she said. Whether she talks about pets or movies or TV shows, you could share your opinions, so that she would feel that you are in the same company with her and get on well with you. In short, what women care about is exactly what you should be familiar with.