Preparation for Offline Dating to Increase Your Success Rate

By : Written by our website Jul 30, 2021
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Many people hold concerns more or less when dating offline: Whether his/her identity is authentic whom you meeting online? Whether the offline dating is a lie? Therefore, when first meet, to avoid embarrassment, we should not mention sensitive topics, and try to create a comforting atmosphere to reduce resistance to the further development of this relationship. In addition, straight into the theme of marriage in the first meeting may pose a pressure to each other. You need know, everyone gets along well with a more appropriate interpersonal distance. For example, the interpersonal distance can start from strangers to acquaintances to close friends. Here are some tips for offline dating.

Step One: Prior Preparation 

Keep yourself in good mood and don't be too utilitarian about the outcome of the date. Prepare some lighthearted, witty topics to bring the two of you closer so that you can talk more with each other. Then, prepare the equipment according to the contents of your previous chatting, and decide a suitable date place together. Remember to arrive at the place early, as being late is a sign of great disrespect.

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Step Two:  Start Conversations Irrelevant to Marriage

The process of chatting can deepen your understanding of each other and prove if you have shared topic to talk about, which is a prerequisite for your future life. But the topics are better irrelevant to marriage, you could chat about work, life experience, interests, etc. Besides, you may leave some space in your conversation. For instance, while you are talking about your hobbies, you might say “maybe we can go cycling or play badminton someday” when mentioned your favorite sports.

Step Three: Prepare a Meaningful Ending After the Offline Date

At the end of the day, we need to have more conversations on social media, for example, "Are you home?" or "It was really nice to chat with you." Then take a look at their social circle and pick up topics to talk about. It conveys your interest and attention to her, which can improve the impression you leave on her. After all, meeting offline is only the first step, and more meetings are needed to help open the door to love.