Why You Should Never Compare Yourself to Your Boyfriend's Ex?

By : Written by our website Nov 25, 2021
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Being in a relationship with your now-boyfriend is something that every person cherishes. It is usually enjoyable most of the time. But there're times when you feel like you're living under the shadow of your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. You couldn't help prying about everything about that woman and comparing yourself to her. You feel frustrated each time you do so. It seems comparing yourself to your boyfriend's ex does no good for you. Here are a few reasons why you should stop doing so.

Comparison Makes You Under Pressure

If you care too much about your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, you will be under a lot of pressure. Do you look prettier than her? Where did they go for a date? What's her latest news? Do they still keep in touch? You will be bothered by these endless questions and feel agitated and stressed. You can avoid the trouble of comparing because his ex-girlfriend is a thing of the past. You are the one your boyfriend loves right now.

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Comparison Hurts Your Relationship

Comparison with your boyfriend's ex is harmful to your relationship. If you compare yourself to her secretly, you will feel insecure about your relationship. What's worse, if you constantly bring his ex up, it's no better than questioning your boyfriend about his love for you. You'll see that as a great threat to your relationship. So why bother letting the image of his ex intervene in your relationship?

Comparison Takes up Too Much Time

Comparing yourself to your boyfriend's ex can be time-consuming, especially if your boyfriend refuses to talk much about his ex. You may spend a lot of time searching online to check her Twitter account or asking your acquaintances about her. Instead, you need to use the time on something else.

Comparison Is Bad for Your Mental Health

Comparing with your boyfriend's ex will become a morbid obsession that is harmful to your mental health. You will gradually lose faith in both yourself and your relationship. It will also give rise to paranoia in your mind and cause you to do some ridiculous things, such as stalking your boyfriend or so. It will fill your heart with frustration and negative thinking if you can't get your boyfriend's ex out of your mind. Finally, you may crack up.