Why Do People in Committed Relationships Cheat?

By : Written by our website Nov 05, 2021
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We all look forward to a good lover: one who loves you with all his or her heart, cares for you, and brings you joy and happiness. But in reality, things don’t always go as planned. Your lover may have a bad temper, pay little attention to your needs, or worse, cheat on you. Then, what could be the possible reasons underlying someone’s cheating in a committed relationship? What is his/her motive and what does it have to do with his/her background? Read on to find out.

They Are Susceptible to Temptations

First of all, the person who cheats in a committed relationship can hardly resist the temptations. He/she could be a person with low self-control and a lack of responsibility, and couldn’t identify with the faith he/she had kept in respect of his previous commitments. In particular, when there is a third person in a relationship, the attraction of the third person to him, his lack of mental stability, and his lack of love for you, all can cause him/her to cheat on you. In contrast, those who remain faithful in love are not immune to temptation, but are able to insist on their own choices, to see the truth through temptation, and to cherish what they already have.

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They Expect Too Much of Love

Influenced by romance novels and romantic TV dramas, some people see themselves as the main characters in the stories, looking forward to a perfect marriage and love. But once the story is compared to reality, there is a huge gap. This gap makes the cheaters feel aggrieved, so they are unwilling to live the boring or troublesome life any longer and hope to find someone more perfect than their current partner. The drudgery and stress of real-life drive them to stray and seek the stimulation or peace they’ve been craving. Generally speaking, they are not satisfied with their current love life.

They Get an Unhappy Family

In addition to the reasons for their personalities and choices mentioned above, there may also be reasons for their unfortunate family background. Perhaps their father or mother had the experience of cheating too, which brought them a huge psychological shadow. First of all, in a family life that is not harmonious, they are difficult to get complete love, which may cause some of their psychological defects. Second, when they grow up, they may imitate their father or mother to cheat on the other in love. Finally, they are afraid of getting hurt in their relationships, have difficulty building trust in others, and are likely to remain suspicious of close relationships. And that’s why they cheat even though they are in committed relationships.

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