Why Dating Your Boss Is A Bad Idea?

By : Written by our website Oct 13, 2021
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Workplace romance is interesting for some people, and you may think it's no big deal to date at work, but it can be tricky if the relationship ends up with a breakup. If the person you date at work happens to be your boss, it makes things twice as troublesome to handle. Here are some reasons why dating your boss is a bad idea.

Dating Your Boss Isolates You from Coworkers

If you start to date your boss, your coworkers may discover your relationship sooner or later. People at work will gossip and envy you because you're close to your boss. If you get promoted, it's hard to stop people from thinking you are taking advantage of your relationship with your boss. Communicating with others will become extremely difficult. For this reason, wise people won't put themselves into such an awkward situation.

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You May Lose Your Job if You Break up

It puts you in a vulnerable position if you date your boss. Although things may start smoothly at first: you and your boss like each other and start to date, but when you are fed up and decide to break up, things may be different from the past. If you split with fights and quarrels, you may get fired. Or, you may quit the job out of embarrassment. Of course, some people can separate the personal relationship from work performance, and bring no private feelings into office. But are you one of them?

Dating Your Boss Is not That Romantic As You Thought

Dating your boss means you have to spend time together in and out of the office, so it sounds less romantic. We often advocate that leave the work life behind while getting out of the office, so dating your boss seems like you are at work all day long. Besides, researchers have found that couples who spend way too much time together easily feel bored and lose interest in each other. 

In addition, if there is a company policy against workplace romance, you will put your career in danger. In a word, dating your boss is risky.

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