When It’s Time to Ask a Girl Out on a Date Without Getting Rejected

By : Written by our website Aug 13, 2021
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Maybe you've been chatting with a girl online for a long time, but you don't know when you should ask her out, so you put it off until you lost the initial enthusiasm; or you cannot wait to go out with a girl just starting a conversation with her, as a result, you are blacklisted because she think you are not a dependable guy. So, the question here is, when it’s time to ask a girl out on a date without getting rejected?

1. No Specific Time Limitation                    

Actually, there is no clear time limit, and it mainly depends on your acquaintance. It's going to be a little awkward without the basic understanding of each other in the first date. And you may feel all contents you talked about like an interview. Therefore, you had better chat with her on social platforms or online dating apps if you want to ask her out. You can send stickers, pictures, or music links to her occasionally to keep in close touch with her. When you get familiar than before, the chance that girl accepts your date invitation will be high.    

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2. Timing is Everything                                         

Though it is not easy for you to ask a girl out for the first time, she may deliver a lot of useful information through your chatting. For example, the question of "What do you usually do after getting off work?" means you want to know her hobbies; similarly, "Are you free on weekends" is equivalent to asking " Can I make an appointment with you on weekends". You can work out in advance when she will be free, and take the opportunity to ask her out. It is difficult for her to refuse the invitation because she have just said that she is available on weekends. So seizing the right time to ask her out will double your chance.     


Additionally, most boys do not receive a timely response during the conversation,and this lies in they cannot raise interesting topics to draw girls' attention. Gradually, girls feel boring. Therefore, boys need to learn more about conversation skills from people who are good at socializing and apply them to your own conversations reasonably. By doing this, girls may feel relaxed and comfortable when chatting with you.       


3.  A Reasonable Excuse        

You may know where she works or where she lives during previous conversation. Then you could pretend to say there is a short distance between you two homes (If not, it doesn't matter) and invite her to go out, or create an opportunity to go home together. As long as the girl doesn't hate you and has strong feelings for you, she will accept your invitation. On the contrary, if she does have nothing to do and refuses you invitation, "Congratulation!", you are fired!               


Meanwhile, you must leave a good impression on her when dating for the first time. Please say something she is interested in and ask her opinions about the date in order to create a lively chatting atmosphere. Be a gentleman rather than being look like a timid and indecent guy. Finally, drive her home actively or confirm that she got home safely.                        

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