What You Should Do Before Professing Your Love

By : Written by our website Aug 09, 2021
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A true profession is actually a process, a form, as well as a sense of ritual. In fact, a girl has nearly become your girlfriend before you can profess to her. If you don't understand the truth, then more than 80% of people will be rejected. So what you should do before professing your love to girls is important.

First, Draw Girls’ Attention 

  1. In the eyes of girls, men who are self-motivated are attractive. Even if you haven’t earn a lot of money yet, it doesn’t matter. What girls value most on a guy is your quality, an optimistic and positive quality.

  2. Be confident and responsible, don’t act like a child. Girls are lazy so they hope to find someone to rely on. You have to show your confidence and sense of responsibility, which is your spark to attract girls. 

  3. Don't behave too seriously nor too casually. Just be serious when you need to be serious, and make jokes when the atmosphere permits. Girls like men who are a little cynical, which means that you are not supposed to be a gentle man all the time. Life should be fun. 

  4. A man who appears to be mature, calm and unhurried in time of troubles has a fatal attraction to girls. 

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Second, Interact with Girls 

  1. Favorable feelings need to be realized with the continuous increase of your mutual understanding, so the key is that you need to create the opportunities for your future interaction.

  2. To interact with girls, you should first define your relationship as “friends”. Then make efforts to transit the “ordinary friends” into "good friends". After having a deep connection between each other, you can consider her as your “confidant” or something else. Don’t eager to express your love at first, take it step by step.

  3. Create opportunities appropriately, such as gathering information to prepare for an unpredictable meeting, inviting the other party to do something you both have interest in, etc. You need pretend to casually find out the most sufficient reason, so there is no reason she will reject you. 

  4. It is not appropriate to give girls gifts casually. Girls may question your purpose if you send gifts as soon as you meet. They may suffer under pressure when you do that and feel like that they owe you something. If they can’t pay you back, they’ll avoid further interaction with you, lest they always owe you favors.

Last – Profess Your Love

Please don't profess your love before you find the sparks of love and the ambiguous feelings between you two. Make sure that you are getting along like a boyfriend and girlfriend, but only missing a formal profession. Then you could come to profess, the success rate will be much higher at this time.