What You Should Avoid When Hitting on a Girl Online

By : Written by our website Jul 29, 2021
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Chase a girl can be easy, but for some men with poor eloquence, it is very hard. We often say: careless talk leads to trouble, it is true when chasing girls. If in a conversation she stops replying to you abruptly, no matter what you send she just read and gives no answer, you are probably said something wrong. You should be thick-skinned to hit on a girl, which could strengthen your relationship. But when you are chatting with them, remember to avoid the following actions.

1.Full of Yourself

You must hear of this: girls love bad guys. It is so well known that many people regard it as a magic bullet, thinking when a guy is bad enough, girls will come on their own initiative. I will not deny the opinion but are you sure whether your bad is the real meaning referred to in the statement? Men's bad is performed by being humorous and considerate rather than glib-tongued or full of yourself. If you are glib-tongued to make a girl smile, please pay attention to the occasions and the degree of your joke.

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2. Starting Sexual Topics Too Early 

Hookup is normal in today's world, seems that you are not a real man if you didn't try this. But for girls, it can still be unacceptable. Please make the distinction from chasing a girl and hookup. Chasing a girl means you wanna have a serious relationship, not for one night stand. Many guys start sexual topics too early, and regard girl’s reply - “...” as a sign of bashfulness. Don't be complacent about this, it is absolutely a taboo.

3. Speaking Too Much

Another taboo you should aware of is speaking too much. Do you think if you never stop talking, then she will feel more comfortable and even adore you? Actually, the answer is NO. Instead, girl will feel you are annoyed and try to get away from you!