What Shouldn’t Wear On a First Date

By : Written by our website Aug 31, 2021
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While the first date can be definitely exciting, it can put much pressure on you for you do want to leave a good first impression on the person you are going to meet. Then how? According to studies, what you wear play a major role in what impression you leave on others. As a result, choose your clothes carefully when going for a date. Here are some suggestions that may help women out.

1. Avoid Overly Revealing Clothes

When it comes to the first date, it is recommended that you dress formally. However, I don’t mean that you should hide all advantages of your figure. It’s fine to wear neat clothes that fit your body and show feminine curve.

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2. Avoid Too Loose Clothes

If you wear a set of loose or casual clothes on the first date, your date may reach a conclusion that you are unconcerned about either your image or the date — or even both, which will do no good for your dating. Besides, wearing too sloppy or baggy clothes will definitely make you visually unattractive.

3. Avoid Extravagant Jewelry

It’s a date in essence, not a magnificent prom. Please don’t show them off on your first date. Avoid wearing anything too glittery as date is a formal social occasion.

4. Avoid Clothes with Slogans or Distracting Designs

When choosing clothes for a date, avoid all with slogans, logos, prints and anything that may distract others’ attention from you. However, clothes with special design may speak for your taste, leaving a fresh impression on your date.

5. Avoid Clothes You Wouldn’t Wear at Other Occasions

Most importantly, you should avoid those clothes that you would not usually wear. Although the adage says "Dressing to impress", clothes is a kind of reflection of your personality traits. Hence, if you change your dressing style, people may get wrong information and you won’t feel comfortable by dressing like that. 

Details determine success or failure and it is the same with the date. Now, having told you what shouldn’t wear, you can check your closet and prepare for an outfit for your first date to win his heart. Take it easy and have fun!