What Women Should Wear for a Blind Date

By : Written by our website Jul 30, 2021
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As society develops dramatically, blind date as a conventional and practical way to find a soulmate still exists and is prevailing. Men are particular about the first impression. If women don’t strike their fancy at first sight, there is no point in going any further. On the contrary, in addition to the first impression, women will evaluate other aspects such as income and personality, etc. If other aspects fit their expectation, even if the first impression is not so desirable, women still want to go ahead. As a result, it is important for women to dress properly in a blind date. Then how to get dressed up just right?

1. The Color

For the first date, it is suitable to dress in such colors as pink, red and white, which makes you look better and easy-going. Many women, especially those with high prestige in the workplace, like to dress formally. The colors are basically black and white. But in a blind date, those dressed in black and white will look unapproachable. The colors like pink can make you look more cordial.

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2. The Texture

The texture of clothes shouldn't be too stiff. It is appropriate to wear stiff clothes in the workplace, which reflects how sophisticated a person is and displays an air of power. If you want to look approachable, you need to wear the clothes with soft texture, so that the grace of women can be displayed.


3. The Design

If you think your arms look fat, you can wear the clothes with half sleeves to hide the fat arms. You will look slim if you choose the dress with a waistline. If there isn't a waistline, you can wear a belt to show your waist.  

4. The Shoes

Petite girls should wear high heels. Wearing pumps looks more graceful. Tall girls don't need to wear high heels, whose height makes men feel stressful. They can wear flat pointed shoes.    

5. The Purse

There is no need to carry a large purse. Some small and delicate purses are preferred, which reflects you are a woman who enjoys life instead of a working woman who needs to carry files everywhere. The color of the purse is supposed to go with one color of the outfit, whether the top, skirt or the shoes. They will be in harmony.  

All the suggestions above can be considered on condition that you feel comfortable. If you feel awkward when dressing in this way, you may as well dress like you used to do. It can cause side effect when you feel uneasy and lack confidence by following the dressing rules.                             

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