What Do Most Men Want in a Relationship?

By : Written by our website Aug 06, 2021
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Women in love tend to have wishful thinking and like to confide in others or even complain to others. Some women also love to display affection to friends by showing off how sweet their boyfriend is. But what do most men want in a relationship? They will not confide too much how they feel, but it doesn’t mean that there is no idea in their minds

1.They Hope You Can Be More Active

One side in a relationship who is more active tends to think he devotes himslef more. And they will get tired if they are active all the time. Men usually take an active part in a relationship, but they want you to show more initiatives and give response a little bit.

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2.Occasional Coquetry Implies He Wants More Concern

Many girls will come to realize that their boyfriends get more delicate after they are in love. They will get sick and feel uncomfortable from time to time, just because they want your tender care that boys also desire.

3. Keep Silent When You Have a Fight

Many girls complain about the fact that their boyfriends keep silent when they are having a fight. It seems that girls are unreasonable and hysterical. In fact, when boys keep silent, they don’t think you are kicking up a row. Instead, they are reflecting on themselves and wish you to calm down and stop saying something hurtful.

4.He Attaches Equal Importance to Love and Career

Girls always complain that boys give them the cold shoulder when they are busy, due to the fact that boys and girls think differently. For girls, a relationship is everything. But boys keep rational and thoughtful. In their minds, only when they have a successful career do they deserve to have romance.

5.They Hope to Have Their Own Space

Boys always long for some space in a relationship, which doesn’t mean that they don’t love enough. They just need to catch some breath, smoke a cigarette and think it over. Sometimes, boys can’t completely devote themselves to a relationship as girls do. After all, they have a lot to undertake.

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