What Are the Five Love Languages?

By : Written by our website Sep 09, 2021
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Different individuals express love in different ways, in other words, different love languages. When both parties use different love languages to express their care for their partners, they will both feel that their efforts are not reciprocated, and thus feel depressed. Everyone needs to learn all the languages of love. Ways of expressing love can be divided into five types, which are the five languages of love: words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts.

Words of Affirmation

Everyone in an intimate relationship hopes to be recognized and praised. You need to give positive feedback on your partner's efforts and strengths from time to time. For example, you can say words of appreciation to your partner every other day, or tell him or her how much you admire his or her advantages. Also, you can praise him or her in front of your friends or family.

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Quality Time

Quality time means that you are supposed to give the other person your full attention when spending time together. You can find some time to share interesting facts about the day with your partner. Or you can arrange a trip for just the two of you. A concentrated conversation or a candlelight dinner can also be considered quality time.

Physical Touch

Physical contact is a subtle way of human emotional communication. It is especially beneficial to boost your relationship. You can hold his/her hand while walking or hug your mate when he/she calls it a day. Physical touch is a love language that goes beyond sexual intimacy, being referred to as Meaningful Touch. 

Acts of Service

When you do things for your partner, it's an act of service. People all know the saying “Actions speak louder than words”, but not all of us practice it in a relationship. In fact, the act of service is a major love language. Specific actions show that you do care about and understand your partner. At the same time, consideration, time, and effort are required in this language of love. Your partner will be less impressed if you do something out of obligation or with a negative tone.

Receiving Gifts

This kind of love language means that a thoughtful or meaningful gift makes your partner feel loved and valued. Simply buying a bunch of flowers at the end of the day can have a big impact. The thought and meaning behind the gift are the most important part of it.