What Are Signs of Commitment Issues?

By : Written by our website Nov 10, 2021
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The commitment issue is a term mainly used for those who are afraid to commit to someone. It is one of the main problems that many romantic relationships may face. If your partner is commitment-phobic, you may find that your relationship does not work out as well as you wish, and you may even sometimes feel hopeless. In order to prevent the painful results brought by this phobia, it is very important to know how to recognize it. The major signs of commitment issues will be discussed in the following essay.

Avoiding Showing up Together

This is one of the first signs that someone is commitment-phobic. When people are unwilling to devote themselves to a long-term relationship, they would refuse to do things like going out with their partners to a restaurant together, introducing their partners to their friends or family, and never post a photo taken together on social media. And they would always have an excuse or explanation for the way they behave.


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Unwilling to Talk About a Common Future

Here's another good sign of being afraid to commit. These guys often indirectly tell their lovers that they don’t see them together in the future. Whether it's a romantic weekend, a trip, marriage or children, they would refuse to talk about it, because consciously or unconsciously, they know that their relationships are not stable and that it’s hard to make future plans together due to their lack of commitment.


Being Not Open to Their Partners

Those who are afraid to commit are very careful about their personal information. Even though they might have been in the relationship for a long time, their partners barely know them. So, if you spot the sign that your partner is still a mystery to you after being together for months, you should beware of the possibility of commitment issues.


Being Remote

Creating distance in a relationship is quite common for people who have commitment issues because the distance allows them to control the situation. When living with this kind of person, you will find that everything but you is a priority. They can even live like a single person, even though they are in a relationship. When you try to talk to them, they will respond by saying: “I'm tired”, “I work a lot”, or “I also have friends and my own life”. The reason for their words is simple: they don’t want to spend much time and effort on that relationship.

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