Ways to Make Girls Have a Crush on You

By : Written by our website Aug 02, 2021
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Generally, a girl will say you are a good guy before she refuses to be your girlfriend. Many boys lose confidence after the girl’s refusal, but if you keep trying, she may change her mind. The four tips below may help you win girls’ affection.

1. Keep the Distance

To be attractive to each other, boys and girls should keep a certain distance. Distance matters a lot in a relationship, because it helps people to see the strengths of the other one. You only see the weaknesses if you are too close. Thus we should pay more attention to this. Appropriate distance makes both of you feel comfortable and facilitates your relationship.

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2. Take a Rational Attitude on Sex

Sex doesn't indicate too much in a relationship. What you should do is to make girls rely on you. Sexual contact doesn’t necessarily relate to a perfect relationship, there are still some problems you should deal with after that. Only settle down these problems, you two could proceed to next stage. Sex is not the most important thing in love, so we should treat it objectively.

3. Freshness

Boys must learn to bring girls more freshness, which is really important for boosting the mutual relationship. The reason why some boys behave poor during the date is that they haven’t understand love very well and create no passion. But passion is so important, without passion, countless problems will come as your relationship goes further. Surprising the other one occasionally while getting to know each other always brings unexpected result.

4. Admiration

In love, it will be much better if your girl has a sense of admiration for you. For example, having a good sense of admiration for you in certain fields will definitely win the favor of the other party. You could share interesting experiences and give full play to your abilities. But in areas you are not familiar with, don’t argue with her and try to be a good listener. Avoid pretending to be a person knowing everything. Girls are more likely to be attracted by humorous boys, the one you date with will not be an exception.