Ways to End a Bad Date

By : Written by our website Oct 03, 2021
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Ending a bad date can be embarrassing, and ending a bad date with a nice guy that you are just not attracted to is even harder. Do this in a kind way if you think your date is worth your time and patience.

Prepare Excuses Early  

If you consider yourself a people pleaser, prepare your excuses before deciding to end the date. We can’t foresee the result of the dating, but we can leave early if the meeting doesn’t go well, only if you have offered an acceptable excuse. When you feel awful during the conversation, you could say, “Sorry, I gotta go, because I have some work to do. It’s so nice to chat with you” or “ Too bad. I forget I have an appointment this evening. I guess that’s it.” If your partner wants to have more interaction with you, inviting you to go to a concert or something else, you don’t know how to end the date politely, and then you could tell him/her that you don’t feel well right now or you have dinner arrangements with you pals later. Furthermore, you could turn to your friend for help. Ask your friend to give you a fake phone call when you want to end your meeting. It’s ok to end the date when you are not a match, but you’d better prepare your excuses ahead of time, so as to avoid embarrassing the other one. 

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Pay for Your Half   

Let’s say you are not interested at the first sight or you are eager to leave after a few minutes of conversation, and then you could consider ending the bad date. The best way for it is to pay for your half and refuse to have another cup of drink, which indicates that your interest is low and you want things to go separate ways. In most cases, people can read the hint of this behavior.

Be Honest   

Instead of making excuses, you can choose to tell him/her your true feelings, which can save your time and avoid more invitations. Most people are open to your honesty, and then you could end the date properly. But you should think it twice before you make the decision, because you may have no chance if you speak out your thoughts frankly. Once you have made your choice, people can see that you are not interested in going through this date any further.