Ways to Avoid Losing Yourself in a New Relationship

By : Written by our website Aug 31, 2021
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Have you just changed your status from being single to being in a relationship? That’s sweet! But frankly speaking, a new relationship is all sorts of tricky. Spontaneously, you may find yourself longing to spend all your time together and can’t help dreaming a lot about your future. However, you may have neglected personal needs or other relationships with family and friends if things continue in this way. So here are 5 ways to prevent you from losing yourself while you are falling in love.

1. Build up Your Self-esteem

Self-esteem is the dominant view you hold of yourself. This includes your beliefs about your inner qualities (values, virtues, ethics). Research has revealed the positive correlation between a person’s self-esteem and relationship satisfaction. People with good self-esteem are confident and can better deal with the ups and downs in their relationships. On the contrary, people of poor-esteem are diffident and easy to lose themselves. Consequently, you tend to be emotionally fragile and forget your original intentions.

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2. Have Your Own Circle of Friends

It’s easy to get captivated in a new relationship, nearly forgetting all other things irrelevant of your lover. Nonetheless, couples experiencing similar life events and staying together all the time are prone to get tired of each other soon. And that’s why it’s not a rational option to withdraw from your friendships when the relationship turns serious. However intimate you are, you are supposed to do something without your partner and spend time with your own friends. The quality time you spend with your friends is good for your psychology health.

3. Have Your Own Interests

We all know it's always interesting to share hobbies with your partner, and common interests will effectively deepen your relationship in the long run. But it is necessary to spend time doing what you have passion for, which will refresh you and make you satisfied. These simple pleasures shouldn’t be deprived of just because you are in a new relationship. 

4. Define Your Boundaries Clearly

Boundaries in a relationship is the key link to maintain emotional health. Only clearly define and express your boundaries can your lover respect your thoughts, emotions, needs, and etc. It is a useful tool to help you keep sensible and sober, so as to avoid losing yourself in a relationship. 

All in all, just treat the relationship as a wonderful part of your life journey instead of your ultimate goal. In that case, you can get the real joy out of this relationship.

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