Ways of Talking to Attract Men

By : Written by our website Jul 30, 2021
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If you want to attract a man, the best way is to be able to talk to him. So how should girls talk with men to show your charm? Keep reading the following tips.

1. Rehearse What To Talk If You Are Nervous

It can be scary to start a conversation with your mate. It may make you feel silly, but it is beneficial to have a rehearsal and make a preparation. If you're not sure how to approach your mate, practice it while standing in front of your mirror.

Try your best to find a way to start the conversation. Where do you usually meet this person? If you are talking lessons together, you can try to ask him for homework or his comment on the latest exam. There's no necessity to plan word for word. Rehearsing too much may make your conversation turn to be tense. Get a general idea of what you want to talk about.

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2. Find the Starter of A Dialogue

Observe every detail or clue to start a conversation. There are so many methods. Once you successfully communicate, just keep the conversation going and introduce more about yourself. Ways to start the dialogue includes comment, complimentary, or question, etc. For example, "Hey, I love your sweater" or "What do you think about the test yesterday? I think it's really hard ", or even "Do you know what is the deadline of the report? I forgot to write it down ". Try to approach him in a comfortable environment. If he's not distracted, it's easier to get his attention.

3. Asking Questions

Once you start talking, try to ask questions. It may be difficult to establish a smooth process of dialogue at first. A useful tip you should memory is that people usually like to talk about themselves. If you want your mate to keep talking, it would be better to ask him questions, which also can help you get better acquaintance of him. At first, ask him about something you have in common. For instance, "What do you think of this class" ? Or “Are you willing to participate in football games in this season?”

After the dialogue, try to ask questions in broader scope about topics in hand. If you are discussing the movies you have saw in class, you could say like, "What kind of movies do you like"?

4. End up the Conversation in Time

You should not overuse topics during the initial period of conversation. Pay attention to this guy's reaction. It is necessary to end up the conversation when it seems to have achieved your own purpose. After you have exhausted one topic, both of you may feel that there is nothing to discuss. This guy might start giving shorter answers, it’s meaningless to continue the dialogue.