Useful Lesbian Dating Advice

By : Written by our website Oct 21, 2021
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Although there are many emerging social apps, dating as an LGBT person isn't that easy. How to approach another lady when you're not even sure if she is one of your group? Or what type of restaurant should you pick if she accepts your invitation? From dust till dawn, all these questions re-echoed in your mind. However, if you keep hesitating all the time, you’ll never make the first move. After all, the worst result that could happen is that she turns you down and you carry on life. But, we do have some actually useful lesbian dating advice, helping you to get things started.

1 Be Brave to Ask Her out

Instead of wasting time pondering over the question, “Is it a good idea”, you should ask her out directly. I know this sounds fairly daunting, but you are better off starting the date before being overwhelmed by unstoppable anxiety. If you can not think of a proper way to ask her out, just be open and talk about it. Let her know that you care for her and are willing to have closer interactions, but just are not sure whether she would be comfortable with it. If she says yes, make sure to bring her flowers or buy her a drink on your first or second date. 

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2 Be Honest About Your Awkwardness and Lower Your Expectations

When she agrees to go out with you, you’d better lower your expectations. The first few dates are normally not as good as those shown in romantic movies. This is especially true when you meet each other online. Sometimes, you will be awkward and wonder how to break the ice. But awkwardness does not have to be a bad thing, because it shows your true feelings at that moment. If you feel awkward or nervous, do not try to hide it. A wise person will take it as a conversation starter. The good thing is that if your date has a good impression of you at the end of the day, regardless of how rattled you are, she will find you cute.

3 Be Yourself

Do not try to pretend to be someone you’re not just to impress the other. You could dress better or tidy up yourself, but never try to change your characteristics or break your boundaries. You are the best version of yourself, so believe that your charm will demonstrate to others that you are worthy of love.