Undesirable Behaviors of Women Chasing Men

By : Written by our website Jul 30, 2021
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Have you ever thought about that why the man you adored isn’t interested in you? It’s a serious question. What are the undesirable behaviors in the process of women chasing men? I have summarized a few common mistakes made by women. If you have done one of those, there is basically no hope. Less mistakes will double your success rate.

1. Unconditional Sacrifices 

Women would love to make unconditional sacrifices when encountering their type. They believe those behaviors will leave a good impression on the men. Actually, it’s totally wrong. Attractive man is usually surrounded by women and has a great number of emotional experiences. These women chased him in various ways to attract his attention. You have no difference from those women if you do the same thing. Try to act in a diametrically opposite way, and he will notice your specialty. 

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2.Unbalanced Relationship

After falling love with a man, it's easy for a woman to imagine that he is good at all aspects and has no shortcoming, as well as admire him in every possible way. In fact, recognize and appreciate yourself is more important. There is no need to undermine yourself. When you put him in a higher position, how could you chase him if you are too far behind?Even if he is successful and excellent, treat him as an ordinary man. Treating him as a male god will only make him look down on you.

3.Develop too Fast 

If a person is interested in you, he is going to actively escalate intimacy (touching, holding hands, kissing, intimacy, etc.). You dare not refuse because you are afraid of losing him. In fact, when a man doing that, the woman who rejects him will be more attractive. Male intimacy is temporary. When being attracted to you, a man's mood is unstable. As time goes on, his emotions will gradually calm down, leading to the closure of emotional momentum. Perhaps the other day he is enthusiastic, but today he will not reply to your message. So please slow down your pace. If he has not committed himself totally, firmly reject him. 

4. Rush to Show and Prove Yourself 

Women like to behave in front of men. These value-oriented behaviors are a direct sign of women's insecurity. These acts indicate that women treat men as referees and hope to be recognized by them. Most of the efforts made to cater to a man's standards end in tragedy. Don't try to prove yourself in front of anyone. This will show that you are seeking his approval for you. It's also a sign of lacking of confidence.