Types of Girls Who Use Dating Apps

By : Written by our website Aug 25, 2021
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According to the statistics, 30% of American women are using dating apps or websites in 2021, but their original intentions are different. Based on that, women on dating apps could be classified into the following three types.

1. Girls Who Are on the Hunt for a One Night Stand

This kind of girls probably uses dating apps to find a chance for hook-up. They won’t ask too many questions or try to get to know you very well before offline meeting. Maybe in their pictures, they doesn't wear a lot in order to show their fine figures. They prefer to chatting with boys nearby their residence. You don’t have to worry about the relationship issues with them or spend days accompanying them. They come to you just out of a simple goal – sex. 

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2.Girls Who Just Broke up

Girls who just broke up with their boyfriends would like to seek for comfort on dating apps. They try to move on from last relationship by flirting with boys online. Most of the time, it’s not easy to get them to open up to you because they need to protect themselves against another failed relationship. When encountering these girls, your patience are tenderness are the best medicine for them. Of course, there are some girls still believe in love and wish to start a serious relationship by dating apps even though they just get heart broken.

3. Girls Who Feel Boring

They registered their accounts on dating apps because they are boring, and want to kill time. For a short time, you could have a hot chat with a girl and even believe that there are sparks of love between you two. But you couldn’t contact her any more since then. She looks like a shooting star in your life. You get a chance to meet up for something, but the greater likelihood is that you will never have an opportunity to have a long-term relationship with her. If you meet this type of girls, it’s better to prepare for the truth that she won’t come back. But it’s a wonderful experience that you can communicate with her about your inner world and the interesting things you have experienced.