Two Essential Rules Before Starting a Conversation with Someone New

By : Written by our website Aug 23, 2021
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We keep texting many people whether they are our friends or families throughout the day, and won’t feel awkward if there is no timely response because we are familiar with each other. However, how should we sent messages to a girl you have strong feelings for? What should you do to attract her/his attention? Instead of staying on the bed and waiting for her messages, you must do something to start a conversation. But most people do not know the essential rules before starting a conversation with someone new, so let’s discuss it in detail.

1. Say Something Light-hearted

Compared to face-to-face communication, online conversations create a relatively comfortable atmosphere that allows people to convey their feelings without getting caught in embarrassment. However, due to a lack of body language, vocal tone, most of you are more likely to experience misunderstanding.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is talk about light-hearted topics that can get timely responses and reduce misunderstanding. Remember to stay away from heavy topics about past painful experience, relationship status and family members. It is rude to delve into personal things when you lack chatting skills. On the contrary, you can ask her about likes and dislikes to know about her lifestyle, characters and communication style. For example, you can share delicious but uncommon food with her so that you have the opportunity to invite her to taste it with you.

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2. Be Brave and Create Back-and-forth Dialogues

Do not be afraid of being refused. Once you take the first step to message her, you are the winner! Otherwise you may miss the chance to start your love story. Of course, You’d better avoid straight statements. Girls are sensible, which means that you'd better follow their rhythm during talking. For instance, some funny jokes and romantic texts can break the ice. And then she may be willing to communicate with you. However, some girls may see this as impolite, so you need to take control of humour to avoid being blocked.

Moreover, except the two essential rules above, you need to come up with a quality conversation starter before chatting. Only maintaining a positive attitude and coming up with interesting topics can you win her favor.

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