Tips to Attract a Guy at Work

By : Written by our website Sep 14, 2021
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When you find some guy at work attractive, you must be eager to win him over. You might be at a loss how to get him to notice you and how to strike up a conversation. There is a greater chance that you can make it by taking the initiative to approach him instead of waiting for him to notice you. You may make full use of the following tips to your advantage, then something could happen between the two of you as you wish.

1. Start with Eye Contact

You may look at him gently and keep your eye contact for a few seconds before turning your eyes to somewhere else. And then you may look at him for the second time to see if he notices you. If he does, there is a great chance that he is interested in you, and you may strike up a conversation.

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2. Love Yourself First

The top priority to attract someone is to make yourself attractive, which means you should love yourself. You should pay attention to your appearance, interests, and so forth. Only when you feel good about yourself can you attract the attention of guys. Appreciating yourself is the first thing you should do before getting someone to notice you.

3. Learn to Compliment Him

If you have no idea how to start your conversation, a compliment is a great way to strike up your conversation. It can be started with how you like his haircut, the way he is dressing, or anything else. In fact, no matter who you are talking with, people always love a sincere compliment. But you must handle it with extra caution because exaggerated compliments can make you seem hypocritical. You may practice compliments on your male friends and ask if they sound inauthentic or fake.

4. Flirt with Him

If you feel there is some chemistry between you and there are signs that you can go further, you can try flirting with him a bit. But don't take it too far because it makes you seem desperate. You may use some body languages or speak to him with a lower voice so that he could stand closer to you. Therefore, you can take a step forward and boost your chance to get the guy.

I do hope these tips can help you to get a guy at work to notice you and ask you out on a date.