Tips on How to Communicate Effectively When You Are Dating

By : Written by our website Oct 16, 2021
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Chances are that you are struggling with figuring out how to communicate effectively and tell your crush what you want without causing embarrassment, anger and frustration. But trust me, every individual has had quite a few experiences that they tried to make a point but failed. Sometimes you are just trying to express yourself, but your date finds it offensive and feels pressured. Fortunately, complicated as the scenario turns out to be, there are effective communication skills that can help you and your date know each other better when you are dating.

1. Learn to Listen and Observe

A major turn-off on a date is being self-centered. When it comes to effective communication while dating, the most important thing is to listen and observe your date's reactions so as to capture the subtle emotional signs of your date. Being a good listener seems to be a cliche, but it does make sense. During your communication on a date, you should listen to understand instead of listening to respond, which shows that you do care what your date is saying and feeling.

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2. Communicate Precisely

As a matter of fact, many people have a hard time making precise communication. They tend to express themselves with vague words, believing the other side is able to catch what they mean. However, effective communication means you are able to express exactly what you want to deliver in as few words as possible. People want to know more useful information about each other on a date, so you may focus on the topics your date have interest in.

3. Put Your Phone on Silent Mode

In the world where electronic devices are prevailing, people are addicted to checking on their phones from time to time. But it can be a huge turnoff for both men and women that someone checks their phone from time to time when you are talking to him/her. It is a basic decorum to put your phone on silent mode and leave it in your purse, or you might as well turn it off. There is no doubt that your phone can be a huge distraction on a date. Therefore, if you want to communicate effectively, do make sure your phone is on silent mode and avoid checking your phone in your date.