Three Reasons Why Online Dating Is a Good Idea

By : Written by our website Sep 09, 2021
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Online dating is often perceived as a dangerous way to meet the new one because you never know whether what he/she is told is true. Maybe a man falls in love online with a charming office lady who regularly works out, but then finds out that the woman is unemployed and oversized. However, online dating works for some people. Here are three reasons why finding love behind a screen is a good idea.

1. An Efficient Way to Meet Someone New

A match-making website serves as a channel for people to meet each other with basic information provided so that users can focus on people they find attractive. Nowadays, social phobia is a hot issue. Under the pressure of work and interpersonal relationships, many people tend to spend time alone at home after work, depriving themselves of opportunities to meet new friends. However, they are, at the same time, suffering from anxiety about being single. By dating online, they avoid both useless interaction and the embarrassment of meeting strangers. 

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2. A Withdrawal from False Reality

Online dating makes it possible for you to be your true self, and you don’t need any disguise for others’ affection. In daily life, some people, especially introverted ones, tend to hide their true feelings, in order not to embarrass others as well as themselves. For example, a colleague suggests that you try the new restaurant nearby today, and everyone in your group agrees. “But I tried it yesterday and it was awful,” you are saying to yourself. The fear of trouble inhibits you from talking. Some people are so good at compromising and pleasing others that they are always wearing a mask. Online communication, which hides users behind the screen, can take off their masks and enable them to be honest about themselves. 

3. A Balance Between Intimacy and Independence

Have you ever found your partner annoying and yourself crazy for some private space? Sometimes just a noisy breath gets on your nerves. That does not mean you don’t love him/her anymore; instead, permanent togetherness entails some time of being alone. If you date someone online, it can be possible for you to enjoy mental and emotional closeness as well as independence: you can concentrate on yourself the minute you shut off your phone.

What matters is the nature of love instead of the channel. Finding love via the Internet is not inferior to falling in love in real life; if anything, it makes it more efficient and natural.