Three Key Details to Know About Girls’ Feeling for You

By : Written by our website Aug 13, 2021
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Guys tend to draw girls' attention when interacting with them, but there are few opportunities for guys to step forward. And some straight men do not care about the details due to a lack of social skills, which leads to the failure of a love relationship. Therefore, the following part includes three details you need to know about to judge if she has a feeling for you, so that you can hold your own true love.

Detail One: Take the Initiative to Contact You

If she contacts you actively, no matter asking about what you are doing, or some questions, or something easy and boring, she must have been struggling to do this for a long time! Because she can use google to search for answers, or ask her friends for help if she does not have a thing for you.          


Most straight men cannot tell whether a girl likes him or not. They may send a message to a girl like "What you are doing", however, girls may say "Where is that fun place you told me last time? I want to go with my friends" to express her strong feelings for you. Can you see the difference? If a girl sends a message to you like "What you are doing?" actively, she may like you to a certain degree, otherwise, she just needs to chat with someone to kill time.   

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Detail Two: Performance and Physical Distance When Being with You                                            

Even a powerful woman will be shy in front of a person she likes. She will be tender and act in a cutesy manner to gain your affection. She will be clingy and hope for taking a walk, shopping, watching movies and playing with you. You are supposed to spend more time accompanying with her, and she will be upset if you fail to do that.          


The physical distance can express whether there is a close sense of intimacy between you. If a girl approaches you or touches you, either consciously or unconsciously, she may like you. In addition, the body language like leaning toward you physically is the sign that the girl may like you.  

Detail 3: Being Enthusiastic When Chatting with You                                       

If a girl is enthusiastic, or she does not make excuses to end the conversation when talking to you, she may probably have a crush on you. In this case, even if she is busy or sleepy, she will continue to chat with you the next day instead of being silent forever.         


In addition, she holds an open-ended attitude toward your conversation, which means that she will not let you be embarrassed. In other words, she tries to find a topic that you are interested in after the ending of the last one instead of using perfunctory responses like "um, oh, ah" or stickers. She may not say a lot during the conversation, but you can definitely feel that she wants to chat with you.