The Three Types of Dating

By : Written by our website Aug 05, 2021
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Every couple starts their relationship from casual acquaintance, where dating plays an important role in the transition. Then what are the three types of dating?

1.Tentative Dating

It mainly happens between teenage boys and girls. In fact, they have no idea what is love. What’s happening between them is just some vague sexual awakening. Presumably they can’t tell when the seeds of love were buried in their heart. When the seeds start to sprout, their mind gets trembling. When the sprout becomes a sapling, they will begin dating soon after one of them makes a move.

The reason why we call it “tentative dating” is that both sides haven’t known much about each other but long for something more. They want to step into and explore the unknown area. Their relationship was deemed as a nightmare from the very beginning by their parents. As a result, the puppy love was stifled in the first place for the reason that it distracted them from studying. 

Tentative dating brings the moments of fear and happiness. There are times when you see her covertly and chat with her in fear of getting known by classmates, teachers and parents. I can’t tell if this relationship can be regarded as love. Maybe it is out of naivety and impulsion.              

Our Dating Journey


2.Serious Dating

Serious dating is what is going on between adults or those reaching the age of getting married. Anyway, they have common goal, that is, to walk down the aisle. This type of dating is blind date as we call it literally. On a blind date, there are not only the matchmakers but also family members present. If both sides think it is suitable, the story may go on. If they show no interest, that’s okay, they will move on to the next round to date others. 

3.Game Dating

Game dating happens between adults, but either or both sides have got married, which is normally referred to as “having a love affair”. Generally speaking, it may involve some financial costs but little emotion. To a large degree, it is out of sensual desire. Sometimes, they will spend time getting together, but there may be no promises involved. For some individuals, this is a type of dating which is not for the purpose of getting married but for a fling.

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