The Most Proper Strategy to Chat With Girls

By : Written by our website Aug 10, 2021
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After meeting a girl, most boys arouse girls’ attraction and make further appointment merely by chatting online. However, many boys are chatting with their beloved girl in inappropriate ways, which may not attract girls and even cause estrangement as time goes by. It’s recommended that everyone try the following chatting mode, by which the conversation would improve your attractiveness. As time goes on, you may find considerable turning on girl’s attitude.

First - Pull and Push Strategy

It’s inadvisable for you to keep talking during your conversation with a girl, which would expose your feeling of demand and bring no benefits to the girls’ feeling. In a pleasant chatting course, it’s not only about showing the interests of your side but also raising your girl’s emotional resonance. You need to take “pull and push” strategy.

Then what is pull and push?

Push: “push” the girl out, which means playing tricks on her with relatively negative words, driving her estranged and nervous.

Pull: “pull” the girl back, which means admitting and praising her with rather positive words, cultivating her intimate feeling and happiness.

Push and pull: the combination of the two is “push and pull”. The strategy could efficaciously provoke the emotion of a girl and heat up your relation.It should be assured that you make the bottom line clear and never hurt her self-esteem.If you want to conduct skilled “push and pull” strategy, the trick is to displease her a bit and then offer her comfort and encouragement. Only when her emotion waves can she find it amusing to chat with you.  

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Second - Misinterpret 

It’s most unacceptable that both sides keep silent and awkward during your chat. That’s because of your topic stirring no wave on emotion of both sides. What merely remains is embarrassment, resulting to a awkward conversation. 

In fact, the issue could be easily solved. You may misinterpret the girl’s words and distort the chatting into a “flirty” direction. “Where are you from ?” “Why so caring about my address? We just met!” “Don’t be narcissistic, can’t I just be curious?” “Aha, so I get it, I just thought you are coming for me!” The conservation above takes the strategy of misinterpretation, in short, distort her words into “she gets interested in you”.

Misinterpreting is a kind of humour expression, which erases misunderstandings and closes your unfamiliar relation effectively. Certainly, the strategy only works suitably in accordance with the situation of your relation, otherwise you will go for wool and come home shorn.