The 4 Worst Types of Guys to Date (Part 1)

By : Written by our website Aug 14, 2021
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Though having a good feeling for him at the beginning, you might realize that there is a difference between him and who you expect after getting along with him. Are there any actions of unfavorable signal that we may notice during the early stage so as to avoid dating with the worst type of guys? Following are 4 kinds of utterances from these guys for your reference.

Utterance 1: “Sorry I just fell asleep. ”

Texting to you just now and not in midnight, the partner disappears instantly when you talk about the next meeting time or any other sensitive topic. After hours you receive message: “Sorry I just fell asleep. ” If this occurs timely, and you feel that his attitude changes frequently as he changes the topic a lot and refuse further communication, you might need to consider if your partner does like you as you expect.

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Utterance 2: Message “Miss you, wanna hang out?” at Midnight

Most of the time we lie to ourselves that the other one desires a true meet rather than sexual affairs even though you only get a message of “Miss you, wanna hang out?” at midnight after waiting for his reply all day long. However, you shall consider seriously whether your partner values your time under the circumstances. Is your date arranged in advance? Or you have to keep waiting until he is available. You need to think about it.

Utterance 3: “You are still so cute.”

Some men never miss any chance for flirting. They might be your former workmates, unfamiliar friends, or even ex-boyfriends in college period. Though lost touch for long, they may direct message you: “You are still so cute”, “It's been a long time, you are more beautiful now”, or “When shall we have a meal? I miss you” after checking the new pictures you posted. At this occasion, you may answer silently: “I’ve been much better without you”. 

Utterance 4: “I’m so busy, why can’t you just be considerate?”

Your partner might say that in two occasions: One is a reply out of frustration because you are too possessive and give him no private space. The other one is taking it as an accuse for refusing solving problems between you two and asking for unilateral consideration.  

Whether you are the former situation or the later one could not be judged easily from a sentence of your partner. You can be more honest to yourself and take serious talk after your introspection. After all, self-conscious is necessary for love affairs.