Surefire Ways to Know If You‘re Dating a Real Gentleman

By : Written by our website Nov 01, 2021
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Dating with a “bad boy” or a jerk can be a very painful experience. He may seem like your Mr. Right, but circumstances aren’t in your favor. A man may pretend to be a gentleman to get a girl. Then, how to tell if you are dating a real gentleman? Here are some surefire ways to help you find out.

1. Be Kind and Respectful to Everyone

When you’re building a relationship with someone new, he’ll always be putting his best foot forward. He’ll be on his best behavior and do whatever he can to win your affection — as he should. However, what’s often overlooked is how he treats the people he is not trying to impress, such as the barista, the waitstaff, the bartender, and the mailman. For years I’ve been saying that someone who’s a nice person to you, but not to the waiter, is not a gentleman. He is simply putting on an act because he wants something from you. But, if you can observe someone’s actions in all areas of life, and he is kind and genuine with everyone, then you surely can tell he is a real gentleman.

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2. Recognize and Respect Your Boundaries

Few things are more important than respect in a relationship, and a real gentleman would not push or stretch the boundaries of someone he respects. He will listen to you, and operate within your boundaries. If you want to take it slow, he will take it slow. If you need to communicate more, he will do as you say. If you need space, he’ll give you what you want. Do you get the idea? I mean, being persistent in a relationship is one thing, but ignoring what a girl wants and needs is disrespectful and inconsiderate. A great partner will listen to you on a date, and adjust accordingly.

3. Focus Too Much on Your Looks

Does he often compliment you on your body? If yes, you should be alert. It doesn’t matter how creative or romantic he can be, but if he is only focusing on your appearance, or talking dirty on a date, you need to see it as a red flag. A real man will value more of your personality, kindness, and intelligence.

Girls, if you want to find out whether you are dating a real gentleman, the above signs may be a good helper for you.