Simple Ways to Make People Love Talking to You

By : Written by our website Nov 21, 2021
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Firstly, I want to ask you a question: Do people like talking to you? If not, do you want to know how to become a better communicator? If you are interested, please read the article. Here are some simple ways to make people love talking to you.

1. Ask Questions

People all like to talk about themselves or share personal thoughts with others, so the first piece of advice is that you should ask questions. But not all questions are appropriate. To get people to talk, you need to ask open-ended questions. Thus, people have a lot more to talk about than simply replying with a simple yes or no answer. A good communicator will ask more open-ended questions based on the content given by speakers. Great examples of questions are as followed:

What were the biggest challenges you've had in the past?

What are your favorite movies? And why?

I heard that you are a fan of XX singer, what drew you to him? 

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2. Listen

It is widely held belief that communication is a two-way street, and the participant of both of you is required. People tend to talk about themselves and pay less attention to what others are saying. Put simply, people desire being listened. As a result, to win people’s favor, you need to be a good listener. But, this is no easy job. Due attention and timely response are required.

3. Give Compliments

More often than not, the simplest tricks work best. Everyone loves to hear that they are nice, humorous or pretty. It happens that you feel that way but are shy to speak that out. People long for validation, and if you want to win people’s favor, praise them but remember: be sincere.