Signs Your Relationship Won't Last

By : Written by our website Oct 11, 2021
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There are intervals in a relationship when you don’t feel as passionate as in your honeymoon. You might experience fading emotions, and you are uncertain about your relationship. Everyone having a hard time with relationship needs to be reminded of the signs relationship won’t last.

Constant Fighting

Couples fight and some couples fight a lot, but this is mostly normal. Some couples fight constructively and rationally with love. They make their points without hurting each other too bad and they know when to compromise. In a word, they fight so that they can be happy together, loving each other. However, other couples fight each other disrespectfully and even violently. They do this in a pointless way just to hurt each other or they simply want to lash out all their complaints and disappointment, which is not very helpful in terms of prolonging their relationship. If all this constant fighting doesn’t seem to stop there, getting ever more violent and aggressive, you should consider this as a sign that your relationship is not healthy and long lasting. It is toxic enough to fight, let alone living with a toxic partner.

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Not Being Yourself

Relationship needs honesty. Both of you need to fill in the gap between each other and feel comfortable living with one another. If you struggle to be yourself with your partner, you are likely not compatible. 

If you feel like you are always adapting to your partner’s needs and breathlessly playing catch on your partner’s command, chances are that your partner is manipulating you. Violating your self-awareness and changing your personality are not something you should put up with. Either because of the cruel fact that your partner wants someone else other than you or that you don’t think much of yourself is not looking good. If you are looking for an equal partner instead of someone pulling your strings, this relationship won’t work for you.

Being Distanced

This may sound obvious, but distancing begins slowly and progressively. You might be able to feel this intuitively, but it is not easy to detect this directly and you might misjudge your partner. Your partner is familiar with you and can avoid triggering your sensors better than others, so you might need to observe his friends and family to see if they are distancing you. If they have had conversations about you and it doesn’t end with a promising conclusion, their facial expressions might give them away.

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