Signs You’re Dating a Boy Not a Man

By : Written by our website Dec 15, 2021
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Boys are typically obsessed with their own ambitions, needs, and wants, making it difficult for them to provide anything of value to their partner or the relationship. Here are three telltale signals that you're seeing a boy and not a man, so you can steer your love life in the proper direction.

1. He Evades His Obligations

When things go tough at home, does he hide or attempt to figure out what he should do next? It's important to remember that shifting the blame and playing the victim card whenever possible is a technique of avoiding responsibility. Not only does a boy have no goal, but he also doesn't know what he is doing - he is so emotional that he couldn't even talk to another person about it. However, a man cares not only about his future, but also about the future of the woman he dates. When it comes to the future, he will not escape because of fear or intimidation. He has dreams and aspirations, and more importantly, includes you in his future.

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2. He’s Insecure

 It's an obvious sign that you're dating a boy, not a man, if your boyfriend is always self-conscious about you in front of other guys. The ability to trust and feel safe in a relationship is a hallmark of a guy who has reached adulthood and has matured into a confident individual. For many boys, a strong sense of envy may be fueled by the most ridiculous of excuses.

3. He’s Selfish in Bed

You can tell the difference between a boy and a man in a relationship by how he treats you in the bedroom.You're in a relationship with a boy who has a lot to learn about relationships and intimacy if all of your sexual adventures revolve around his pleasure and his wants.If you don't know why your partner may rush through foreplay, the next question to ask yourself is: do they care about you? He may rush through foreplay because of performance anxiety or ignorance of your feelings. You need to tell the difference.

You may tell a guy he's not ready for the real world in a variety of ways. It doesn't imply he can't grow just because he displays some or all of these signs. There is nothing to worry about. Before you kick him to the side of the road, try to push him.

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