Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

By : Written by our website Sep 06, 2021
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Everyone in the world wants to seek a romantic relationship, but most of us are trapped in an unhealthy one. Nearly no close relationship can be free form troubles and hidden risks. As sickness presents in its pattern, an unhealthy relationship has its detailed signs. To be aware of the risks below would help you prevent an unpleasant relationship.

1. Excessive Control

If your partner set some requirements to get closely related to your life, like necessary daily message in time or no contact with the opposite sex, it is excessive control. Whether in a relationship or not, people all need their own space. Such over-control will lead the trouble of distrust and no freedom. Both people should feel comfortable and relaxed when being in a relationship. Otherwise, there is no need to be together. Signs of over-control also include interference of your dressing clothes, social events with friends, and social platform. 

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2. Being Dishonest

Trust and truth are the basic foundation for love. If your lover keep lying to you, you should reconsider this relationship. Under special circumstance, white lies between a couple are sweet and worthy. But in most cases, we shouldn’t hide the truth. A healthy relationship needs mutual sincerity. When you find your mate lie to you for a long time, it means that your relationship is in crisis. Being honest and face your partner straightly because the perfect love is not composed of lies.   

3. Violent Behaviors

Never try to forgive the excuses the other party made for his/her body violence, since he/she who loves you indeed wouldn’t never hurt you. Any violent or rude behavior out of control in daily conditions, whether he/she explain it as he/she is driven insane by instant pressure or out of mind with anger, could be a sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship. Get away from people acting like that, mining a potential risk for more violence. 

4. Unilateral Suppression

Unilateral suppression refers that your partner disparages and suppresses you with words or action in daily affairs, such as, joking frequently on your unfavorable features like flat nose or high cheekbone, mocking for you mistakes and disadvantages unconsciously, and depressing your impractical wish and expectation utterly. Such behaviors is an obvious sign for unequal relationship, which does no benefits but destructive impact to you. 

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