Rookie Mistakes to Be Avoided on the First Lesbian Date

By : Written by our website Aug 23, 2021
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When you get the chance to go out with the one that rivets your attention, you must be thrilled and picture what it would be like on your first date. Then how do you ensure the time spent together is joyful for you and your lesbian date? How to get a second date? The first step is to avoid common rookie mistakes on your first date.

1. Showing up Late

Punctuality is surely the golden rule in dates. It shows how seriously you take your date, which determines whether you will have a second meeting. Showing up late leaves a terrible first impression on the other person. If you are running late, it would be better that you send her a message to make an apology.

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2. Being Judgmental About Her Look

It’s generally acknowledged that one shouldn’t judge a person by her appearance, which will prevent your from seeing her inner world. Even if the hairstyle, makeup and outfit that she is wearing are not your type, don’t jump into a conclusion that she is not the one. All these things can be a blindfold for you. You will never know what she is like by what she looks like.

3. Just Talking About Yourself

A date is a two-way process. If you keep talking about yourself, the other person will assume that you are not interested in her, which will make her restless and stressful. Therefore, you are supposed to make sure there are mutual interactions on your date. If you don’t know what to say, you may think of topics that both of you are passionate about in advance.

4. Checking Your Phone

Most people have got into the habit of checking the phone from time to time even if there isn’t any emergent messages at all. But it is definitely a no-no for a date to get stuck on your phone. In any case, taking out your phone or checking on it can have a bad impact on your date. For one thing, it’s impolite to do so; for the second, you may well hurt the feelings of the other person even if she is interested in you at the first sight. Of course, if you have to take some important calls, excuse yourself and keep it as short as you can.

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