Results of Inappropriate Dress When Dating Girls

By : Written by our website Aug 02, 2021
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Before a date, you should put priority on your dress. It’s totally wrong if you determine to dress formally for dating. Actually, it’s better to keep your dressing style being clean, slim and simple. Although I do not agree to judge people by outward appearance, but we can’t deny that when you are not familiar with each other, your appearance and dress code will be the name card and affect the first expression you leave on the girl. If you overdressed, girls will catch the following details from this.

1.You Overvalue This Date

Apparently, you are too overvalued about the girl you date with, so you try hard to dress yourself to leave a good impression on her. In other words, you put her to a higher social status, thus you may encounter difficulties for a successful match.

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2. You Care About Appearance

You care about your appearance, which means you care others’ appearance as well. Girls will regard you as a good-looking fan who only cares about the image and ignores the inner beauty. No woman will accept that as women are contradictory. They enjoy the appreciation of appearance from men, but disgust overvaluation of it, cause they still have inner beauty.

3. You are Not Confident and Mature Enough

You may think it is way too far, but it is not. The fact is the man who concerns too much about how to dress to improve his external attractiveness often ignores and lacks inner cultivation. You could hold different opinions as well as insist that you cultivate yourself both inside and outside. But you can’t change how women think.

4.Don’t Dress Too Casually

If you dress like that, your date will feel rude and disrespectful. As I said, balance is very important! Watch film award ceremonies for reference if you don’t know how to match. Take a look at the outfits of mature male celebrities whose style is similar to yours, and learn from them.